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Help spread the word about freedom unfriendly businesses so that now as things have generally re-opened we can be sure to not support the businesses that were the most hostile against us and violated the Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Unfriendly Businesses


COMPLETE 2×3 parts – Dr. Bryan Ardis Health Ranger & Stew Peters Interviews: origins of covid, mRNA vaccines and treatments


for the helicopter video footage of the Jan 29th convoy, click here: https://yukonfreedom.com/whitehorse-convoy-for-freedom-jan-29-2022/

If you are visiting to see the videos demonstrating that Kate’s claims are untrue, here’s the proof: https://yukonfreedom.com/december-2nd-rally-letter-to-kate-white-whitehorse-star-cbc-video/

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If you’re able to donate towards legal fees to fight against the discrimination that has occurred please reach out. Many people have been significantly harmed by unlawful and in fact criminal discrimination based on prohibited grounds. Legal fees are upwards of ~$400/hr and thus far we have not been able to raise enough funds to allow for consultations to take place and potentially help those in serious need.

Please note at this time although there are no regularly scheduled events in Yukon a small group of folks continue to rally at Shipyards Park each Saturday from 1-3pm

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Bill S201 protects against discrimination based on vaccination status.

The federal Privacy Act prevents anyone from requesting and using your private medical information.

Cops can’t access medical info of criminals without a warrant but restaurants and other businesses get to have easy access? PCR tests and covid injections are genetic in nature.

Yukon privacy legislation protects your private medical information from being used by employers or other organizations.

Have you noticed YG media releases involving supposed covid deaths withholding information out of respect or due to privacy concerns?

Why should restaurants or other businesses have access to your private medical info then?

The hypocrisy is strong with the corrupt clowns destroying Yukon.

Stand your ground and do not submit to the ongoing bullying and harassment by those who do not have your best interest in mind.

For liability notices and other resources please visit the “Know Your Rights” page or email for custom letters formulated for your situation.

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This site is dedicated to telling the other sides of the ‘covid’ story, the ones that the bought off media and corrupt government politicians do their best to censor or discredit while they push their own globalist agenda and are destroying the fabric of our society, try to remove our rights and freedoms and cause devastating damage to the economy and mental health of residents.___________________________

Yukon Government has discriminated against Yukoners who have not or cannot be vaccinated. This is a clear violation of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.https://yukon.ca/en/news/government-yukon-require-public-servants-and-health-care-workers-be-fully-vaccinated-and-proof-vaccination-access-nonessential-services This is criminal as per Bill S201. Please send notices of liability to your elected representatives informing them that they will be charged criminally for participating in prohibited genetic discrimination:

Offences and Punishment
Contravention of sections 3 to 5
7 Every person who contravenes any of sections 3 to 5 is guilty of an offence and is liable
(a) on conviction on indictment, to a fine not exceeding $1,000,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years, or to both; or
(b) on summary conviction, to a fine not exceeding $300,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding twelve months, or to both.https://yukonfreedom.com/mandatory-vaccines-are-illegal-discrimination-against-un-vaccinated-is-criminal/___________________________

Even Yukoners who have willingly complied with various measures and chosen to get the moderna shots are growing ever increasingly frustrated and angry with the actions of the MLAs who have outsourced virtually all decision making to an unelected and unaccountable bureaucrat who had been paid over a million dollars since the covid lockdowns began, of course Hanley has no incentive to end the lockdowns or other dehumanizing restrictions and bogus measures, he’s never made easier $$ in his life while the rest of us are treated as prisoners and stripped of our livelihoods, savings, loved ones along with our rights and freedoms. Remember, 2 shots wasn’t ever going to be the end of this… boosters are coming and vaccine passports will have expiration dates… the apps are programmed with 8 fields for subsequent jabs as was recently revealed by looking at the code of some of the Canadian provincial apps.

The Digital ID is the next step of this technocratic agenda and social credit score profiles are already being developed and are ready for implementation along with Central Bank Digitial Currencies (CBDC) or Digital Dollars – these will expire, have limits on use and can be frozen at any time if you are not fully compliant with the dictates of the overlords. Consider the implications of this – we must not accept this tyranny as there will be no limit to how oppressive it will be.

Since the start of covid hysteria, the measures implemented have been predominantly harmful and completely inappropriate, untested and without proper risk assessments or consultation. Instead, measures were implemented by simply copying what other jurisdictions were doing or perhaps as dictated by other foreign entities.

Yukoners from across the territory are bringing YOU, our fellow friends, family, neighbours and colleages important information from around the world that has been otherwise heavily censored. CBC is also being sued for their part in pushing all of this harmful propaganda along with municipal, territorial, provincial and federal governments & politicians… https://vaccinechoicecanada.com/in-the-news/vaccine-choice-canada-is-launching-a-legal-challenge/

It is imperative to share this information so that we may preserve our rights and freedoms -once they are taken away it is extremely difficult if not impossible to get them back.

While YukonFreedom.com is non-partisan, we’re happy to share links to other organizations and political parties that are fighting for our rights & freedoms and not simply complying and unanimously voting to support the globalist agenda.

Another great information resource is the Forum For Canadian Sovereignty and Liberty Coalition Canada

Tax deductible donations are possible to both Yukon PPC & the Yukon Freedom Party both of which are active local supporting organizations – please get in touch at: “info (AT) yukonfreedomparty.com” to support this newly launched territorial party if interested. We understand that their website is live and under construction https://yukonfreedomparty.com

The People’s Party of Canada is the only federal party standing up for our rights and freedoms with leader Maxime Bernier regularly attending freedom rallies and speaking out against lockdowns and other tyrannical measures as are countless former candidates across Canada.

Visit: yukonppc.com for the Yukon PPC electoral district association where you can arrange to volunteer, buy a membership or make a tax deductible donation.

To support the currently ongoing lawsuit against Yukon Government and donate at the GoFundMe page, please see: Yukoners For Charter Rights *this website is currently offline but should be restored soon* donations can be accepted in lieu by yukonfreedom.com if specified and we will pass those on to those involved in the lawsuit.

The state of emergency declared by Yukon government politicians through CEMA violate our Constitutional Rights & Freedoms and are not justified whatsoever.

The corrupt Yukon Government refuses to present evidence justifying any of the tyrannical covid dictates, clearly they’re hiding a lot of unsavoury facts.

Any donations towards this website or in kind donations by way of services or volunteering are much appreciated as we advocate for our Constitutional Rights & Freedoms to be upheld and to end the destruction brought about by tyrannical measures traditionally what one would be subject to under a dictatorship.

If you’re aware of any other local organizations pushing back against these draconian mandates please let us know – we are non-partisan but happy to share info of fellow allies and partners of this movement.

If you would like to make arrangements to donate or otherwise volunteer or ask questions or sign up to our email list, please contact us at: yukonfreedom (AT) protonmail.com or use the contact form below.