Short-list of 2000 batches having severe effects

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SEVERE : “We might ignore a single person shouting ‘fire’, but when five thousand shout ‘fire’ we should sit up and listen”

This list of 2000 batches all resulted in at least one of the following –

  • hospitalisation OR
  • death, OR
  • disability, OR
  • an emergency room visit, OR
  • a life threatening illness

Consequently, these batches are chosen for the severity of their effects. However, within this list some batches are worse than others – producing 100 x the number of deaths, 500 x the number of hospitalisations, and up to 5000 x the number of adverse reactions compared to other batches

Technical note: The search string used to identify these batches is –

SELECT DISTINCT VAX_LOT from LOTS where VAERS_ID IN (select VAERS_ID from DATA where HOSPITAL = ‘Y’ or L_THREAT = ‘Y’ or DISABLE = ‘Y’ or ER_VISIT = ‘Y’) and VAX_TYPE like ‘&COVID%’.
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039K20A 5130 101 203 MODERNA
026L20A 4398 41 164 MODERNA
011J20A 3994 40 133 MODERNA

There is a long list with all 2000 of them