Dr. Judy Mikovits – Is Coronavirus A Plandemic? Exposing The Truth Behind America’s COVID-19 Strategy

1. The Corrupt Measures Taken To Handle The Coronavirus
2. What Measures We Need To Take To Prevent The Disease
3. There Is A Massive Liberal Overdiagnosis Of The COVID-19 In The US
4. Infecting People To Kill Them Through The Vaccine And Cover Up Corruption
5. The Government’s Response Was To Cover It Up!
6. Does 5G Play A Factor In The Virus
7. Should We Trust The Vaccine
8. The Reason They Are Pushing Us To Get The Vaccine
9. The Proof Of Vaccination Tattoos
10. Why Does Bill Gates Have A Patents Or Vaccines And Viruses?
11. Propaganda Masquerading As Science
12. How The System Locks You In
13. Why Is This Censorship Happening
14. Where Are The Pharmaceuticals Spending Their Money?
15. Is The Virus Engineered?
16. The Five Years I Was Silenced
17. There Is No Other Choice Than To Fight Against The Corruption
18. 5 Things I Would Tell Donald Trump To Do