Victoria BC, Dec 9, Legislature 3PM , 75 Anniversary Nuremberg Doctors Trial—Candlelight At Dusk!

Victoria BC, Dec 9, Legislature 3PM , 75 Anniversary Nuremberg Doctors Trial—Candlelight At Dusk!

Please send this poster out far and wide.

We invite every community in BC to attend. The future of our children, families, culture and democracy depends on our active involvement.

Mark your calendar now!

Bring a sign on top of a tall pole clearly announcing your community, organization, religion, union, neighbourhood or tribe.


We have had enough of these governments’ covid fear-mongering.

We refuse government media censorship, your ruination of culture, your bankrupting of small businesses, your threat of discriminatory “vaccine’ passports, and, your insidious coercive tactics bullying workers into taking an experiment  mRNA drug injection or face “consequences”.

Now it is your turn to face the “consequences” of your manipulation, lies and deceit.  You followed the medical disaster corporate money. You followed your big patrons profiteering, not your citizens needs and well-being.

You well-paid comfortable politicians, PR hacks, and advisors, are conspiring with Pfizer, Moderna with other drug pushers, spineless doctors, to go after our children to inject them with your toxic experimental crap. Drugs that have no long-term tests. Drugs that do not even stop the disease you purport to care about. drugs that have not even been tested on children or pregnant women, yet you push and coerce children and pregnant women to take these questionable injections. “Have you no shame!”

We see through your alligator tear and acting.

First you had us. We fell for your charade of never-ending only-two-weeks manipulation. We banged pots and pans, we hope it would end soon like you said it would…but don’t believe you any more.

Mr. Trudeau, John Horgan, Adrian Dix hiding behind your hand-puppets Dr Tan and Bonnie Henry, we do not believe you any more.  You have no shame ! It’s time you resign.

We will not let you damage our child with their irresponsible mRNA gene therapy injections, masked as “vaccines” to avoid legal liability from the harm they cause. And they do cause harm.

We call out your fraud now.

You, who hide behind zoom press conferences, are afraid to honestly debate us in a fair and open debate.

We call you out and demand an end to  your lock downs, vaccine passports, or any covid coercion measures.

We will honour the Nuremberg Code 10 medical principles ( look it up).

We will honour our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (read it) which you have conspired against, violated or ignored.

We, the people of BC and Canada, demand our governments follow both the letter and the spirit of the law.

Our Canadian Constitution and Charter of Rights are the heart of Canadian Law. The Nuremberg Code too is law, international law.

We are all equal under the law.

But there are those in the  government who deem themselves to be above these law.

All  people in Canada, whether in the government or not, doctors or scientist, politician or their agents, must now honour our personal rights protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the Nuremberg code, BECAUSE IT IS THE LAW !