David Knight (American podcaster ) says this about being against vaccines :

“Take off the liability clause that protects the vaccine companies, and then we can talk “

You know , I don’t think anyone needs any other reason ( spike proteins, organ damage , myocarditis, strokes), to be against this and many vaccines from the past , since 1986, The Act.


If someone comes to your door:

If this happens to anyone.  Record Record Record. A lot of people don’t know this  but you don’t have to open the door if they knock or ask to open. Talk though the door. As well, they can’t hand you something if you don’t open up. A trick that they do if you open up is put their foot in the door frame so you can’t close it. And if you try and close it and hit their foot, they could charge you with assault of a police officer.

And inform them that they are trespassing.

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And a great thing of not opening up, at anytime you could tell them to kick rocks, ignore them, walk away and turn up the tv/radio.

Check out Pot Bothers in Law. Great stuff. 👍 if any type of “cop” or government attorney ask you questions, you shut the f up. Remember, everything you say can and  will be used against you.

And don’t forget to ask for name and ID number. By their policy, all government actors have to give it. If they do not, then you don’t have to “recognize” their authority. Could just be a clown in a costume.

To cover my butt, I’m not giving legal advice. Just sharing informing that I have collected.


And from an Irish Army veteran:  Put black paint, any other paint, with sand and rocks and grease into balloons and hammer the attackers – it blocks and then destroys (doesn’t come off and scratches) windshields, face protection, gunsights, shields, glasses, guns.