A text from a clinical laboratory chemist in Mexico:

Hello, I know most of the members are probably already aware of the use for ivermectin as a treatment. I am in Mexico, working in a clinical laboratory as a clinical chemist. All my coworkers had gotten covid 19 and they all used ivermectin and have no long term effect from Sars-cov-2 and swear by the use of ivermectin. Also within the past months I’ve worked in the lab I’ve noticed that as a health protocol here they require vaccinated people to do bloodwork for the following weeks after inoculation as a safety precaution. 1 out of three of the patients I personally did bloodwork on and biometrics had thrombosis from the vaccine. Every one of the patients that were hypertensive or diabetic had severe side effects resulting in hospitalization for 4 days post-innoculation.


Anyways there is this metaanalysis of 63 research srudies done on ivermectin and the results are pretty good.