Authorities are manipulating death-rate figures because the actual rates show the Fully Vaccinated are 286% more likely to die of Covid-19

Vaccines are not losing effectiveness. The immune systems of the vaccinated are losing effectiveness. That is vaccine mediated AIDS. Immune systems continue to work after the 2 week vaccine training period. Vaccines do not.

Global Depopulation and the Botswana Variant

Here is how you kill billions of people with biological warfare.

1. Release a souped up flu which requires a vaccination.
2. Design the vaccine to be a Trojan, which protects against the souped up flu but also progressively destroys the immune system’s capability to fight future viruses.
3. Vaccinate as many people as you possibly can
4. Once the Trojan has had enough time to destroy most of the viral defences of most vaccinated people, and just when people are beginning to realise what is going on, release your piece de resistance. A gain of function super deadly flu with a massively increased death rate.

On Wednesday November 24th the UK Daily Mail, which has been doing a sterling job on Covid, reported that the Botswana Variant has been discovered. It is called the nu variant. Nu is the Greek letter for n. It has 32 mutations, many of which are to the spike protein and improve its lethality and infectivity. It is a dead ringer for a man made ultimate gain of function terminator 2 virus. Time will tell if it is the viral solution.