In their next step towards the Great Reset The Basic or Universal Income Bill is now on the table.  Another step closer to communism – in these countries every single one of the common folks (remember these things NEVER include the ruling forces) gets the same pay – whether they are lazy or hard working, smart or ignorant, educated or uninformed, innovative or holding on to life in a cave.

In other words:  It makes absolutely no sense when on basic income to be:  hard working, smart, educated or innovative.

Your reward will be the same as if you were lazy, ignorant, uninformed and holding on to what you know.

The Canadian school system has been working towards this for a while as is clearly exhibited by Julie Dzerowicz herself.  When we are all lazy, ignorant, uninformed and without vision as an entire nation, we, as a nation, will clearly get ahead (that was sarcasm for those who didn’t notice).