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Bill C-10 and a Liberal’s Back Peddling View

Is the government lying to you?

Would this image be considered hurtful? If Bill C-10 passes, would it be removed from Social Media?

Bill C-10  is intended to empower the government to regulate and censor what Canadian citizens say on social media, to regulate posts by citizens, and to be a “hammer” to intimidate free speech.

However, due to public backlash, the liberals are relenting on the bill and back peddling. One such Liberal is Ken Hardie who is infamous for spinning a narrative that does not support the evidence.

There is no doubt that Bill C-10 is meant to give the government the power to censor Canadians.  The fact that the Heritage Committee tried to slip a fast one by us  when they secretly extended Bill C-10 to include “social media and user-upload services and apps”, is proof.

Liberal MP, Ken Hardie, in the correspondence below with a concerned citizen,  attempts to justify the Bill by saying it is to curb on-line hate. But we already have hate speech laws. Due to the pressure from the public Mr. Hardie attempts to deny what the liberals are blatantly up to. He says, “in  a nutshell, any suggestion that the Bill would impede the freedom of speech of people posting on social media is bogus.” He goes on to say,  “our Charter would not allow it in any event.”

Wow, that is rich coming from a liberal. Censoring Canadians and talking about Charter rights in the same sentence. Maybe he should read the part about the freedom of religion, travel, and the right to life, liberty, and security of the person.

Is Mr. Hardie attempting to further deceive Canadians or is he genuinely uninformed of what his Party is up to?

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