Sunny —

Justin Trudeau is fully unhinged, desperately trying to cling to power and complete his totalitarian agenda. By invoking unprecedented emergency measures, he is completely subverting the rule of law in Canada, suspending our civil liberties, and using his newfound powers to completely destroy the lives of political dissidents. These reckless actions are precedent setting, and will enable future governments to invoke these powers with ease. While you might not be directly affected right now, it’s our obligation as citizens to do everything in our power to secure freedom for future generations and stop this tyranny from becoming permanent.


In the 2nd day of Trudeau’s state of emergency, we are observing the tyrants making threats to freeze bank accounts and seize the assets of ordinary Canadians. We must remain calm, but be aware of current events and consider ways to protect your assets, private property and resources. Under the emergencies act, Justin Trudeau must present his declaration of emergency to both the House of Commons, and the Senate of Canada within 7 days. Upon introducing the declaration to these legislative chambers, parliamentarians will debate the issue for no more than 10 hours, followed by a vote. Justin Trudeau is required to have majority approval in BOTH chambers in order for the state of emergency to continue.


Simply put, we as citizens have one final opportunity to defeat Justin Trudeau and his descent into authoritarian tyranny. If we fail in this task, it is highly likely that our freedoms will be gone forever. We need every citizen to immediately begin contacting Federal MPs and Senators, urging them to publicly oppose these emergency measures and vote against them. You should also contact Provincial MPPs in Ontario, including Premier Doug Ford, to publicly reject these measures from being applied in Ontario, as multiple provinces such as Alberta, Quebec, Manitoba and Saskatchewan have already done.


Contact Members of Parliament by clicking here.


Contact Canadian Senators by clicking here.


Contact Ontario MPPs by clicking here.


The past three weeks of peaceful demonstrations have influenced meaningful change, with many provinces accelerating the removal of public health restrictions. We have also seen 4 Liberal MPs publicly break ranks with Justin Trudeau, suggesting there are many others in the Liberal Caucus sharing their views. NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, who has propped up Trudeau’s Minority government since 2019, has signalled he may withdraw NDP support for these emergency measures if it appears the government is overreaching.


Astute observers know we are far beyond the point of severe government overreach. This is our final opportunity as free citizens to secure the future of liberty for ourselves and for future generations. We are urging all of you to repeatedly contact Liberal MPs urging them to break ranks with Justin Trudeau; to contact Jagmeet Singh and other NDP MPs urging them to withdraw support from the Liberal government; to contact Canadian Senators and urge them to vote against these authoritarian measures in the Senate; and to contact Premier Doug Ford and Ontario MPPs urging them to publicly oppose these emergency measures, and express disapproval of their use in Ontario.


Call these people non-stop. Speak with them and their teams. Leave them repeated voicemails, and flood their inboxes with emails. Encourage your family and friends to join with you in these efforts. We must make it abundantly clear to our political class they have one final opportunity to do the right thing, or be remembered as traitors and tyrants for the rest of time.


MPP Randy Hillier continues to support the truckers in their highly successful peaceful protests. He has been in Ottawa since the beginning, and will remain active there until this situation is resolved. This is the defining moment of our time, and Randy Hillier urges all of you to stand with him in Ottawa during the days ahead. We must win this, no matter the cost.