This is an email received from someone in downtown Whitehorse after some flyers were distributed.
(This is copied directly with no edits except redactions of email and physical address)
February 11th, 2021 9:26 AM
To: yukonfreedom

Hi there,

I went out to start my car and found your very misleading covid-19 leaflet on my windshield.

I own and actively run a small business in Whitehorse and I believe in the importance of respecting science based medical advice. I am not tired of the restriction that are keeping me and my family, my friends, elders and everyone safe during this GLOBAL PANDEMIC. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is not unlimited and is bound by exceptional circumstances like a GLOBAL PANDEMIC.

Emergency health measures are permitted to infringe on individual rights and freedoms for the greater good of the whole. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is subject to reasonable limitations, just like how Canada has controls on free speech that prohibit certain types of opinions like Holocaust Denial and inciting insurrection against one’s own country.

There is less flu and cold this winter due to the mask mandate and physical distancing and other health measures in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (which is much more contagious than cold or flu!)

In the future please do not set foot on my private property to disseminate your completely bullshit opinions.

Thank you,

Jonah Clark


Here is our reply:

From: yukonfreedom
February 12th, 2021 12:54 AM

Hi Jonah,

Thank you very much for taking the time to converse with us on the Covid leaflet you had received on your windshield. Open discussion is the foundation of real democracy – one that Canada as well as a lot of other countries, unfortunately, has diverged from. The missing discourse as well as heavy censoring by mainstream and social media is to be thanked for an upwelling of misinformation on all sides. If we are ‘all in this together’ then we have to be able to talk with each other and participate in healthy debate right?
How do things feel for ‘our side?’ Like we are running head on into a huge brick wall that will explode into a million pieces, taking down lives and livelihoods by the millions. We are not sure where your science links (which were not included in your letter) come from, but on our website you will be able to find hundreds of them. But let’s put science aside.
Can you engage your common sense? Can you look up simple numbers like: 2020 had x number of Covid death, which divided by population equals x% death rate? For Canada you will end up with a death rate of 0.05%, which is a survival rate from Covid of 99.95%. Median age of death: 82. Over 90% of Covid death happened in nursing homes in Quebec and Ontario. You don’t believe us? Belief is not knowledge.
Look up the facts. The very medical and scientific definition of ‘pandemic’ threshold is not met whatsoever anywhere in the world, nor have the legal requirements to suspend certain rights or freedoms – the evidence for this suspension has never been presented or discussed or voted on by any elected body in Canada.
Do you support rule of law?
How would you feel if you were robbed and suddenly robbery wasn’t a crime that anyone would care for or do anything about? What if suddenly your store was deemed unessential and was forcibly closed, would you care then? Would you care more if you weren’t the beneficiary of financial government incentives that the very taxpayers funding the incentives are dying off, economically and physically? Perhaps that’s still not bad enough for you…

Also, let us ask you something else? How many people have been killed by Covid measures? The government is not giving out these numbers on purpose, because they far exceed any Covid death. A freedom of information request will be sent out shortly. But this letter here is to you. You have been very diligent respecting restrictions, keeping everyone safe, saving lives. Commendable.
But .. because the government hasn’t put the numbers of death through Covid measures next to death by Covid, your view is skewed. Upholding Covid measures means nothing more than the killing of nameless people. It is the little girl in Carcross that was kept at home for a year already, where she is being abused by her uncle – day after day. It is the mentally unstable mother of three autistic children from Carmacks that could not take the social isolation any longer and committed suicide, leaving these kids behind. It is the former building foamer from Whitehorse whose heart surgery was deemed non-essential and who died shortly thereafter of a major heart attack – the same as the gas station guy in Carmacks. It is the kid from Dawson City, unemployed for close to a year, who overdosed on fentanyl, and his friend who is now so heavily into alcohol that it will cause lifelong addiction. It is the countless highschool graduates who have no future, no job, no travel, no opportunity to grow, who are trying to do online university that isn’t set up properly. It is the formerly employed who has been hanging about home for close to a year, now on antidepressants. It is the children who are overfilling the mental health care units across Canada; the woman from Whitehorse who didn’t get her cancer surgery in time, and whose breast cancer has now spelled death for a mother of two at the age of 42. It is the old lady from Teslin who died of loneliness and heart ache because her family would not come to see her any more in case they would infect and kill her. It is the guy in Watson Lake who went crazy and murdered his nephew by beating him to death. It is the Tagish elder who died within a week of getting an experimental ‘vaccination’ as part of a human mRNA project. It is the children who come back from school with severe headaches due to disinfectant chemicals, and the store clerks who are getting sicker by the day due to oxygen deprivation. It is the business owner who has lost every spark of life, because the operation he built up over 20 years has now become obsolete: Every dream, every ounce of sweat and work, every investment – gone. Bankrupt and with no hope for the future.
Those are the heartless crimes you and the government are responsible for. Killing lives by saving lives!
Please don’t be so terribly selfish. It all looks really proper there in your store with your patrons. But those who shop there, and those who you call your friends – they are not the ones dying around you –neither of Covid nor of heartache, isolation, psychological fear hysteria, depression, mental illness, suicide, drug overdose, abuse. You don’t see the children who are the biggest looser of this pandemic. The ones who will never recover from its effects. People like you are exchanging the lives of 82 year olds for those of our children.
So, please don’t call us opinionated. Don’t tell us we are full of the ‘wrong’ scientific facts. Don’t make us the potential killers. The holocaust is the one you and others are inciting in the name of the Greater Good. Covid, after all, lockdown or no lockdown, has left over 99.9+% of the worlds’ population alive. If you don’t know these facts, then you haven’t looked for them yourself.
The government is deeply buried in a never ending tunnel. Mainstream media is financed by big pharma. Big pharma doesn’t care about you or that little girl from Carcross. Big corporations care about making money. Small business owners care have accountability. Slashing them from society and giving big tech and big pharma the playing field is not going to save lives. Liberty and Freedom are what make countries prosperous and happy. Democracy might not be the perfect way to govern but it’s the best we have. Killing that democracy by denying part of the population to speak out and by taking people’s liberties and decision making over their own bodies and affairs, is the descent into madness, into communism, into a totalitarian dictatorship. If you support lockdowns, then that is what you are supporting. There are a million easily obtainable facts that counter lockdowns, masks, and the idea of a global pandemic. Please feel free to start your journey on our website –
We are looking forward to welcoming you.

Regards, volunteers

P.S. Contrary to your belief, masks don’t prevent spread of any flu – this has been proven in court numerous times, here is a simple summary:


February 12th, 2021 12:07 PM
To: yukonfreedom
Fuck off and die from COVID!


We concerned Yukoners will be sure to never purchase anything from Jonah’s business and be sure to tell anyone who needs certain products. Thankfully there are businesses who are not run by people who wish death on others. This is perhaps the most despicable statement someone can make when responding to a message demonstrating how much pain, suffering and death is being caused by tyrannical lockdown measures with no evidence to support these very measures. Our website has plenty of evidence showing just how tyrannical the actions by governments are…