Covid – Are you going to Die?

“The price of Liberty is eternal Vigilance.”  Thomas Jefferson

The odds of dying from Covid are entirely against you.  In 2020 over 99.9% worldwide survived this particular virus – no matter whether their country was locked down or not (see page on lockdowns).

How can I claim this?  Divide a country’s Covid death number in 2020 by its total population, adjust the result into percent (move the comma two spots to the right) and you will, e.g., have the Covid death rate of 0.05% for Canada.

100% minus 0.05% comes out to a yearly Covid survival rate of 99.95% for Canada.

If we had an Ebola virus pandemic, which has a death rate of 50 – 90% (World Health Organization) for an infected 50% of the population, we would be dealing with 9,000 to 18,000 dead Yukoners.  We had 1 Covid death.

Covid statistics:

Are you aware of:

According to Statistics Canada ( about 70 000 people die yearly of cardiovascular disease – 0.2% of the Canadian population.

About 8 000 die of influenza and pneumonia/year, plus 13 000/year of chronic respiratory disease – total of 21 000.  This is 0.06%.

Covid death is associated with at least one comorbidity like cardiovascular disease or Alzheimer’s.  So did these people die of or with Covid?  Or do they die of old age?  Median age of death being 82?


Yes, but, there are already 400 000 dead in the US!!!!  Yes, I did hear that.  But did you know that every year over 2.8 million US citizens die?  That they have a population of 330 million?  That their yearly Covid survival rate is still above 99.9%?

Sweden had no lockdowns.  Their 2020 survival rate for Covid is also above 99.9%.

CDC on yearly causes of death in the US:

Heart Disease:  about 625 000 total deaths – 0.2% of overall population

Cancer:  about 600 000 total deaths

Diabetes: about 85 000

Influenza: about 60 000


According to a John Hopkins Study in the US medical error accounts for 250 000 to 440 000 deaths per year, other studies place medical error as high as 800 000 deaths per year.

Medical error is supposed to be the third leading cause of death in the US.  Even though when I compare 625 000 to 800 000 I could also say it is the number one leading cause of death.


Canadian death rates due to medical error were given between 20 000 and 60 000.  This would be 0.05% to 0.16%  (random searches, magazines, a study on this, The Lancet).

Again, the death rate by Covid is 0.05%  … and therefore lower … just as a comparison.



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Medical Errors

Medical errors as well as political ones have exacerbated Covid death numbers.  Mistreatment of patients due to financial greed has been rampant.  In New York insurance companies paid out more for patients that were put on respirators.  Most people don’t survive respirators.  Oxygen should have been given instead.

Cheap medication options that have been on the market for decades were suppressed by main stream media, politicians, and the pharma industry.  These include Vitamin D, intravenous Vitamin C, Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin (both in conjunction with zinc and antibiotics), HCl and others.  Poor countries are recording great success with these options.  Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin (both have been used safely for decades) can be given before the onset of illness, protecting people from contracting it, and should be given as soon as first symptoms manifest.  Instead people were told to go home without this medication.  Once the illness really manifests itself treatment is more difficult.


with Simone Gold  (this might not open in Google Chrome as it is censored – best to go via Brave on duckduckgo)  Simone is amazing.  You don’t want to miss her – so full of integrity and knowledge

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Andreas Kalcker and Chlorinedioxide – example Bolivia


Death in Nursing Homes

In Canada over 90% of Covid death happened in nursing homes in Ontario and Quebec.  Over 90%.  Over 90% in nursing homes.  Old people at home were mostly spared in comparison.

CBC gave information on the substandard situation in some of these homes (the word ‘cruel’ is used).  A lack of vitamins, especially Vitamin D, as well as minerals, near starvation, miserable care conditions, understaffing, putting sick people into rooms with healthy ones …  all of this is responsible for a lot of death.


New York mayor Cuomo responsible for 30-40% of nursing home death

nursing home death in Ontario and Quebec

on comorbidities in Canada for Covid

library of parliament Canada with good covid statistics

Simone Gold video on the fraud and disregard of human life


Flu rates went down by 98% while Covid rates soared!

That’s great news and likely due to better hand washing, sanitizing, face masks, lock downs … ?!?

The CDC quietly changed their death category from Influenza to a new group which includes Covid, influenza, and respiratory illnesses.  Proper reporting of influenza is therefore no longer possible.  Influenza can be quite deadly (in the same range as Covid).


Covid death data for the States, and the CDC’s quiet change of reporting

why are we shutting down for Covid when the flu puts more people into ICU

Testing – How and Why

Did we ever test the population for influenza, for the swine flu, for the common cold?  How many cases might we have had?  Does it matter?

What is a case?  Before Covid a case of illness was a person that was sick and showed symptoms of some kind.  Now a case is someone who tests positive for a test…  Scientifically we distinguish between people who carry a virus versus those who are infected.  The infection does not take place till the virus breaches a cell, causing symptoms.  It will not cause symptoms while it is floating around in bodily fluids.  This person is therefore not able to infect someone else.

The Covid epidemic has been a test epidemic.  It should not matter how many people test positive or negative.  The severity of an illness manifests itself in death numbers, not in case numbers.  The belief asymptomatic carriers spread Covid was furthermore scientifically disproven by a study in Wuhan that included almost 10 Million test subjects.  Asymptomatic carriers do not spread the virus to others.


No asymptomatic transfer of disease

A good summary on PCR, masks, lockdowns, asymptomatic spread, WHO notifications


The PCR Test

The Covid PCR test is unable to detect infection of any kind, and is set to fraudulent amplifications which distort the result.  The tests are used specifically to cause as many false positives as possible to fuel Covid hysteria, keep people at home under house arrest and put fear into the population.  These are harsh words and seem to serve no purpose until you go to the page called the Great Reset.


The Covid PCR test is based on the Drosten PCR test from Germany, set up by a man named Christian Drosten, a virologist of the Charite in Berlin.  He is the leading adviser on Covid for Germany.  This sounds great till you get behind the scenes:  Drosten faked his PhD.  In 2009 he announced the swine flu would kill millions of Germans.  This of course did not hold true.  A 2014 interview has him saying that PCR tests cannot be used to detect infection –something the inventor and Nobel Prize laureate Kary Mullis has said repeatedly.  In early January 2019 Drosten wrote to China and asked for a sequence of the Covid virus.  Freedom of Information requests sent out by doctors worldwide have shown that the virus was never properly isolated into its over 280 segments.  Drosten then ‘invented’ the currently used PCR test based on an older one for Sars.  His scientific PCR test study was sent out by his own newspaper, peer reviewed in 24 hours (this NEVER happens) and put into production by a party of conflict (a friend of Drosten’s who also peer reviewed the paper).


Do you believe that this PCR is suitable to test people worldwide and put them under house arrest?  Or into Covid Hotels?  Do you believe Christian Drosten?

Please look into this short video so you understand how the PCR test functions:

As you have learned, the test picks up DNA, RNA, whatever it finds.  This can hark back to a cold you have had three years ago, could have gotten caught on the swab on the way to your nose, could be Covid, but could also be H1N1 or Influenza A or B (as some tests that came in positive have proven).  Influenza is wrongly put down as Covid nowadays.

The strained particles are then multiplied.  PCR tests are used for a lot applications and scientist commonly use amplifications of 25 as the tests become too distorted to reveal any truths above that.  In North America we are using amplification cycles from 35 to 45.  False positive results abound, there are also a few false negatives.

Due to mounting law suits worldwide the World Health Organization has recently (on Biden’s inauguration day) announced that PCR cycles of amplification should be lowered…  Nothing has been heard from Canada on the subject.  A lawsuit has been filed.


incredible research trying to find out if the virus has been isolated doing FOIP request (Freedom of Information Requests)

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Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich’s original press release, and info via Mercola – Lawsuit on PCR testing

Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich interview and info from Dec 5 – lawsuit on PCR testing

Portugese law suit on PCR test in November



We are basing our current Covid policies on case numbers, not on an honest look of Covid deaths.  These case numbers are obtained via a test that is unable to test for infection and is set to fraudulent levels, resulting in false positives.  We are incarcerating people on the results of these false positives, we are locking down our economy, we are causing fear and destruction, suicide and death.  Our government is taking away our rights and freedoms.

Any government that decides to rule against its citizens’ chartered rights, and limits their freedoms and liberties in any form, is totalitarian and outside the bounds of what is called democracy.  A government that restricts people from travelling, seeing their families, working for a living, saying goodbye to loved ones at a hospital bed; injects them with experimental drugs and restricts their oxygen intake with germ breeding masks is such a government.  Anyone supporting such a government stands for the destruction of democracy.  Welcome to the ‘new normal’.


politicians, corruption and suppression of science,  from England, leading medical science journal

Covid in China as early as October, covered up, brought to Canada then with the military, covered up here as well

“I would describe COVID-19 as … the institution of the control necessary to convert the planet from democratic processes to technocracy,” Fitts says. “What we’re watching is a change in control, and the engineering of new control systems. Think of this as a coup d’état.”

Essentially, the virus will be blamed for all our economic devastation, from the erosion of our social security funds to the empty coffers in the treasury, and the answer will be to transition into this technocratic control system disguised as a new, more convenient financial transaction system.

all the covid crimes done by politicians lined up from PCR to lockdown and beyond, very informative

The WHO is announcing a threshold cycle change on PCR test on Biden’s inauguration day

PCR test – new take on it, it just checks for Chromosome 8 – the human chromosome, so the more amplifications the more will be found and you test positive for being human