The open letter below is a response to these two articles based solely on Kate White’s claims:

Links to two videos at the bottom of the page help demonstrate Kate’s claims were not accurate.


To the Editor,

RE: “NDP MLAs subjected to abusive behavior” published on December 7, 2021

I was one of the protesters at the legislature on December 2 and watched Kate White exit and walk to her truck. Kate is slandering the protesters and lying to the general public. You see, the Yukon Freedom group has several videographers and the legislature has security camera footage, and this footage proves that Ms. White has fabricated her story.

No protesters accosted Ms. White as she exited. I started chanting “SHAME! SHAME!” and others joined in. There were a couple very angry protesters who swore and yelled at her. Not one person approached her physically and we all allowed Jan Stick to walk her to her truck. Jan then returned to her vehicle parked just feet away from the protesters and we ignored her.

Video footage proves that not one person was standing on any vehicles. Nobody prevented her from leaving or barred her way. Nobody spat on her truck as she exited the parking lot. The footage shows the group of protesters standing on the northern most island closest to the exit. Go to to see the footage for yourself.

Kate says she was afraid and had a rough day; I wonder if her privilege allows her to know what a truly rough day is? Due to the mandate many of our rural communities are without Emergency Services including ambulance and fire; how will Kate feel about the unnecessary deaths caused by a lack of emergency care, or the loss of a family’s home because the fire chief isn’t allowed to use the fire fighting equipment?

I wonder if she thinks it was easy to be placed on Leave Without Pay knowing that our clients would suffer from a lack of services? I wonder if she cares that people are struggling with their mental health and their support workers cannot help them because they have been forced out of work? I wonder if she cares about the bad days thrust upon children, including my beautiful and healthy children who are being discriminated against and segregated in our community? I wonder if Kate thinks Yukoners feel safe after having their livelihoods stolen by the crooks in politics?

There was ZERO VIOLENCE. Violence is being forced to submit to an experimental medical procedure to participate in society!

I am publicly requesting that the Whitehorse Star and CBC print a retraction as they have committed libel by publishing Ms. White’s slanderous fable. I am also requesting that Kate White retract her statements and issue a public apology for committing slander and misleading Yukoners.


Erin Giesbrecht

Also witnessed by:

Quinn Guimond,
Dhitya Pian,
Stefan Angerer,
Sunny Petersen,
Ophelie Charriere,
Erin (eye witness) Brockovich (a pen name),

and many others…


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Video 2 – embedded:


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