To see what Britain’s green future really looks like, have a glance at this University of Cambridge-published report produced by a group of academics led by Professor Julian Allwood, who set out to answer the question of how Britain might possibly reduce its industrial CO2 output to zero by 2050. Unless you are a hair shirt greenie, the answer is truly horrifying.

Do read it yourself, but as Clive Best notes in his summary:

I am sure that if the UK public were made aware of all what is planned for their future there would be a public uproar.

  • No Flying after 2030 (except VIPs of course)
  • No gas central heating within ~12 years.  Heat pumps only allowed and colder houses.
  • Only electric cars post 2030 and a 40% reduction in traffic.
  • Vegetarian only diet and no imported food.
  • Shutdown of international trade and reduction in living standards
  • International travel curbed except by train.