Yukon Freedom

Yukoners standing up together for our constitutional rights & freedoms so that future generations may also live free from tyranny


Please download the printable PDF versions of the following poster, flyer, and sticker templates by clicking on the images or link.  Then print and share them!

the 3 following templates are to address the idiotic continued masking requirements for kids as of march 18. the amount of damage this does to young developing minds is enormous and very well documented on this site.






Non-compliance poster – Trucker convoy  – action4canadacom (January 31, 2022)


yg flyer – YG flyer to print and distribute – don’t declare your vax status by nov 30.


dont tread yukon bear 8.5×11-PDF for printing

dont tread yukon bear11x17-PDF for printing


WE ARE ALL ESSENTIAL business network.  Downloadable posters, flyers, sticker designs, business cards, and instagram posts for businesses.  Available in English and French.

All kinds of designs and here’s one sample:


“WE WON’T ASK” sticker – Free for businesses from Rebel News




Download pdf


wedonotdiscriminate Poster – text only version

Action4Canada – “Protect your freedom” cards for promotion of Notices of Liability


Poster – Full page (Letter size)

Sheep mask poster – Yukon (jpeg)

Sheep mask poster – Yukon (pdf)


Sticker – 4 per page (Letter size)


Sticker – 4 per page (Letter size)


Flyer – Full page (Letter size)


Flyer – Full page (Letter size)


Flyer – Full page (Letter size)

lockdowns kill


Flyer – Full page (Letter size)