If you only wish to watch one, single video on the mRNA ‘vaccine’ that is not a vaccine, then listen to this 25 minute summary by Dr. Carrie Madej who has been exposed to the circulating ideas on transhumanism for over a decade.

Apart from other considerations she goes into the follwing qualities of the mRNA ‘vaccine’ that uses:

Genum – patented, synthetic DNA, now you are owned by Moderna

Luciferase – bio luminescence, your under the skin bar code, that shows you are vaccinated

Hydrogel – nanotechnology, the robotic chip that gathers body info and sends it to the a digital device or the cloud.  It’s transmitter and receiver.


Gene extinction technology – you can erase an entire species with this, e.g. East Indians, who have seen huge death surges since the start of the vaccination program