Published Feb 23, leading to documents proving Dr. Tam new about human to human Covid transmission while still telling Canadians not to worry about it.

New documents obtained by Rebel News through an access to information request, show that Theresa Tam, Trudeau’s public health officer, had a deep conflict of interest with the China-controlled World Health Organization all throughout the key moments of the pandemic.

She was on their staff. She was loyal to them — she had to be. She signed an agreement with them to keep their secrets — to even keep their secrets from Canadians.

Stop right there for a moment. Theresa Tam, whose job it was, we thought, to protect us from the virus that came from China, signed a contract forbidding her from telling us everything she knew about the virus, if it would embarrass her bosses at the China-controlled World Health Organization.

That’s a conflict of loyalties. She was loyal to them, not to us.

That’s one of the reasons we set up our petition at, a petition that now has well over 50,000 signatures. You just can’t obey China’s WHO and also be loyal to Canada. You just can’t.