Email received today from “Donut”

You people are idiots . Way to go helping to drive up inflation . GET THE VACCINATION . Your freedoms are not being violated. You have a choice vaccinate or not to vaccinate You made your choice. Choices come with consequences . Can’t enter most establishment’s ,it’s the consequences of your choice . 90% of the population got vaccinated and don’t support your views . You idiots want to create anarchy . The only thing anarchy does is cost the tax payer with higher interest rates,higher fuel cost, and higher utility , not to mention higher food costs. All those are today’s reality and that’s on you idiots. Way to go dumb ass’s . Put your energy in getting back to work and helping society get back to normal. The present government was elected by ALL Canadians Democratically. You don’t like the present government , vote them out next election. THAT’S FREEDOM OF CHOICE.