Get ready for regular power outages… those 17 rented diesel generators used this last winter… what happens when they’re forbidden? You’ll be directed to turn down your electric heat because of the climate emergency that the Liberals, NDP and Yukon Party MLAs unanimously voted for.

Remember, the communists at Yukon Government have already directed Yukon Energy and ATCO to install devices that remote control your home heating usage under the guise of optimizing power usage and lowering peak demand… it will have consequences, rationing of power is next along with different prices based on time of day usage based on existing infrastructure and smart meters already in place – just look at Ontario and how countless Canadians now live in energy poverty due to sky high prices thanks to the “green” energy ponzi scheme that shut down reliable cheap power plants to favour expensive and unreliable wind and solar garbage.

The great reset is here and it turns out Yukon, particularly Whitehorse, is being used as a test case for smart cities totalitarian implementation where you will own nothing and be happy as per the marxist WEF.