You don’t want to miss our upcoming episode, Against The Wind with Dr. Paul, which airs this Tuesday, March 9th, at 11:00 PST. This week’s lineup includes:
From the Heart with Dr. Paul, he shares the need for balance and moving away from fear.
Meet the Team! Learn who is behind the scenes bringing you the latest content on Medial Freedom, Informed Consent, Pro-Immunity, and Pro-Science.
Karen Kain, Lorrin Kain’s mother, who was vaccine injured as a baby and eventually died at age 15. She shares a heart-wrenching journey of witnessing the immediate harm brought on after an MMR vaccine, the innumerous medical procedures her daughter required, and the experience of navigating our less than desirable VAERS process to receive Government compensation eventually.
Dr. Bose Ravenel, an MD Pediatrician who shares his journey from traditional Pediatrics to Integrated Pediatrics after coauthoring a book on ‘ADD a Non-Medical Approach.’ His vow to never again alter cognitive behavior with pharmaceuticals was the beginning of his new career path in Integrated Pediatrics, treating a range of diagnoses.’
Luke Yamaguchi, a Functional Nutritionist and founder of As an educator and scientist, Luke explores the science behind vaccination and the publicly available data from the CDC.
Bernadette Pajer, Public Policy Director of Informed Choice WA, provides a regular update on what is happening in the world of medical freedom and informed consent.
We believe and stand for #Medical Freedom, #InformedConsent, #ProImmunity, and #ProScience.