French health minister Olivier Véran to the nationwide mainstream radio station Europe 1: “Vaccinated individuals are also those most at risk for severe forms and death in the event of initial vaccine ineffectiveness or post-vaccine reinfection or variant virulence.”

These words are certainly worth a second read. In substance, and if Europe 1 reported them exactly, they amount to saying that people who have recently received the COVID-19 jab are not less, but more exposed to becoming ill and even to dying because of the Wuhan virus.

“The effectiveness of vaccines is only partial.”

“The vaccine does not prevent transmission of the virus to others. The impact of vaccination on the spread of the virus is not yet known.”

“Vaccine efficacy has become particularly contingent due to the emergence of new variants”

The South African and Brazilian strains “may notably cause reinfections in people who have already been infected with COVID-19, as well as a risk of vaccine escape (leaky vaccines)”

“Vaccinated individuals may develop mild forms or even be asymptomatic, and still spread the virus.”

“From the trial stage … there was therefore no guarantee of immunity.”


So: Back to step one? Did the French minister just admit that the experimental COVID vaccines cannot be invoked or used to stop restricting civil liberties, simply because no one has a clue as to whether they are going to make the situation any better anytime soon, or even whether they might be making the situation worse?