Adverse Reactions to COVID Vaccines I Have Come Across

I have spent the last year working to document this. It is a lot to take in but I feel it needs to be said.

Note: I’ve tried to use very neutral language to describe these events, but this has been a very difficult process for me to watch.  I’ve also taken out a lot of the additional emotional details shared with me by these individuals and the trauma they’ve experienced to shorten the piece. Additionally, many of the people I know and have guided through the process have access to options for mitigating these injuries, something most people don’t. I’ve read through various support groups, and in general found their experiences are typically worse than what I am describing here as they are not privileged to have access to ways to mitigate the harm.
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When the COVID vaccines were being developed, I felt the mRNA ones would be pushed through to open up the mRNA market (as Pharma has a dire need to develop new medications and the potential mRNA market is worth trillions), and necessary safety checks would be skipped to make sure mRNA vaccinations came into use.  I was initially worried they would prolong the epidemic (as they would prevent people from developing proper immunity to the virus and encourage mutations of the virus) and I had a fear in the future they could lead to significant neurological, autoimmune, fertility and cancer related issues (for example a concerning letter had been published regarding potential effects on fertility).  Once I was able to examine Pfizer’s trial, and observed the high rates of acute reactions they were willing to admit occurred (approximately 4x those of the influenza vaccine), I realized those potential issues were much more probable (especially as members of the trial in private groups reported adverse events that did not appear in the trial report) and I ruffled a lot of feathers as I told colleagues I knew to avoid them.

Succinctly, I (and others) felt there would likely be a significant number of people developing these chronic health issues, but the number would be small enough to sweep it under the rug.  When parts of Pfizer’s IND application to the EMA (Europe’s FDA) were leaked there were numerous red flags that jumped out to me. The most notable was Pfizer being allowed to skip performing the normally required animal studies on Fertility, Genotoxicity (cancer potential), and Autoimmunity studies of their drug.  I took this as a tacit admission Pfizer knew there would be very concerning results if these studies were conducted, so the best option they had was to never “do” them.

Before the vaccine rollout began, I also noticed that in addition to the full throttle promotion of the vaccine in the media, many outlets stated the vaccine may briefly make you feel awful, but not to worry about it.  Given that I have never seen that message provided in the past for any other vaccine, this rang an alarm bell for me, and I had an expectation the vaccine would probably have a chronic side effect profile similar to Gardasil (which was previously regarded by many to the most harmful and unnecessary vaccine on the market).

As many of my friends are in Medicine, I was able to observe the roll out from day 1 and noticed the toxicity was worse than reported by Pfizer’s study but in line with my expectations.  I immediately noticed that most of my acquaintances who had significant acute reactions had had COVID prior to the vaccine.  Similarly, as had been reported by Pfizer, reactions to the second shot were almost always much more severe than the first (this still holds true with the booster in turn producing an even worse reaction).  As the common element between the vaccine and a COVID infection were spike proteins, this led me to wonder if the spike protein was allergenic (making COVID largely an allergic disease) or it was cumulatively creating a coagulation of the blood (and other fluids in the body) that eventually hit a threshold people could not handle.  My current hypothesis is that both are occurring and exacerbating the other, although there are many other potential mechanisms for spike protein toxicity.

Once the vaccine was release to the general public, I began seeing patients appear for various acute autoimmune and neurological conditions (I would classify as “moderate”) immediately following vaccination at a much higher rate than I had expected.  Each time they told me the other doctors they saw either insisted the reaction was either not linked to vaccination, or the fact they had the reaction was a really good sign, because if they ended up getting COVID the adverse event would have been much much worse.  Shortly after, I then began having friends contact me inquiring if the vaccine could cause a fatal heart attack or stroke, something I had not anticipated would occur.

This set off major alarm bells and I tried to warn my coworkers, who would not listen, and repeated the arguments they and others had told my patients.  Before long, I realized even if I was powerless to change anything I had a duty to bear witness to what was occurring and document what I encountered.

As I began receiving more cases, I decided to try and make the best of the data being received.
The rules I settled on were:
-If at all possible, I want to avoid having more than 1 degree of separation from the injured person, that way the sample is smaller and more defined. In here I noted when I violated that.
-I cannot count reports from people who are soliciting vaccine reactions (ie. a doctor well known for treating vaccine reactions, as they will have a much larger pool of people being pulled to them)
-I cannot solicit reports from everyone I know as that inflates the sample.
-Based on my relationship with the person, and their relationship to the injured individual, I need to be reasonably confident the report is real and not fabricated.
-I need to feel there’s enough data for a tentative causality to be considered.

My primary reason for all of this is that everyone likes to say “severe reactions to vaccines are 1/1,000,000.”  My logic was there is absolutely no way I know 1,000,000 people through 1 degree of separation.  My guess is I know 50,000-100,000 people through 1 degree of separation so at the absolutely most I will hear of 10% of the cases (probably less) within this sample, so if I have at least 10 cases of severe injury within this sample that is a large red flag.

I would also like to note that due to my work situation, relative to most providers I saw a very low volume of vaccinated patients once the vaccinations became available.  Additionally, physicians I’ve spoken to who have practices that cater to vaccine injured individuals, physicians in specialties that treat the conditions vaccines can cause, reports I’ve read online, and the recently linked survey from Israel, all of which report the same results I have personally witnessed (along with the other various databases that have been leaked).

When describing the reactions, I’ve tried to roughly describe how I knew the person who reported it to me without revealing too much identifying issues as I feel that adds a useful dimension to this (so I’ve just labeled everyone as a “friend”).  As a lot of my friends are in medicine, I’ve broken them into 2 categories, Physician (MD or DO), and all other health care workers.  The majority of people reported 1-2 cases to me.  As far as I know, the most I received from one person was 4 cases.  I would estimate I have recorded about 85% of the significant, severe, and critical cases I was told about.  While I have many friends in the medical field I’ve met since medical school, give or take every physician I met who was comfortable confiding these stories with me were people I knew before they graduated and became doctors (as there is a different type of bond that forms).

I do not think every case listed in here was caused by vaccination, but I suspect most were.  To protect the identities of individuals within here, while the information I was provided was very specific, but I’ve made much of the information in this article fairly vague.

I’ve sorted the reactions by type, with each having its own section.  Also PMH stands for past medical history, which is relevant since it’s unusual for complex illnesses to emerge without a past history of similar things.  Additionally, the blood clots described in many of these cases are highly unusual (rapid near occlusion of blood vessels previously showing no signs of partial occlusion, a wide range typically effective anticoagulants not preventing the clot, clots reforming in the same location after removal, and clots forming in areas you rarely see them).

I also must note that I only know one of case listed in here (a non-fatal but permanently debilitating one) which made it to VAERS.  This was partly due to me being very close to the injured individual, her whole family working in health care (herself included), and me being on her case to get it in.  While it’s possible some other cases made it to VAERS, I do not know of any other that did and I frequently asked this question, so I have no doubt the side effects are being under-reported. In many cases I do not know if they received Pfizer or Moderna, and in those cases I just leave it unspecified.

I have also seen numerous cases of severe injuries happening to a husband and wife, which has led me to suspect they were vaccinated at the same time and more reactive vaccine lots exist, which they both received at the time of vaccination. Lastly, there is a designation for the severity of the event.  The reason for that being included will be discussed in a conclusion following the specific adverse events.

The adverse events are broken into the following sections:
Strokes, likely Strokes and Blood Clots
Heart Conditions
Sudden Death (unknown cause)
Anaphylaxis and Allergies

Other Neurological Conditions
Autoimmunity and Chronic Fatigue
Immune Suppression and Cancer
Menstrual Irregularities and Miscarriages

Birth Defects

Followed by a Conclusion

Additionally, I have observed some very strange effects from the COVID vaccines I cannot explain the mechanism for.  With each of these, I’ve made an effort to document and establish it definitely occurred (such as bringing another physician with me to evaluate the individual).  However, since these events are so peculiar, I am not mentioning them here as I feel they will take more away from this than they will add to it.

Lastly, at one of my current jobs, there are 7 people I regular speak to, most of whom are physicians. Of those people: 2 who are very pro-vaccine had significant reactions to the vaccine (one took a while to admit to me) that are still impairing their lives a year later and each is almost certainly tied to the vaccine, while 3 other coworkers know numerous people who have had adverse reactions but they themselves have not been vaccinated, and 1 of them refused vaccination. I don’t think 33% of people who are vaccinated have significant chronic complications, but it’s very disconcerting when you see small data sets like this. I have also seen a lot of odd issues come up with people I don’t know as well at my work I suspect are linked but have no way to prove and hence are excluded from documentation.

The major issue in all of this is that despite the fact there was supposed to be one, there is presently no data set which is actually monitoring for all the adverse reactions occurring, so we have to make do with all these assorted data sets instead. Similarly, when a suspected vaccine injury or side effect occurs, the burden of proof has been put on individuals to prove the vaccine was harmful, rather than the vaccine to prove it did was safe and not cause the injury. This is unacceptable for an experimental mandated therapy.

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