Vaccinate the world against COVID-19 has become one of the most divisive issues of our time.  

Simply making them available to the general public was not enough for the greedy drug dispensers behind the campaign.  

The rollout came with sweeping mandates — all levels of government across Canada have pushed for them as a necessary part of employment, participation in general society, and even access to medical visitation rights and critical care such as organ transplants. 

With the government’s approval (and encouragement), these coercive mandates have quickly spread from public institutions to the private sector.

Not only are these mandates violating the voluntary consent of the individual, but it’s not even being sought out! 

That basic tenet — informed and voluntary consent — separates a business transaction from a robbery. It is what differentiates a valid contract from an invalid one. And it’s the foundation of medical ethics that was laid down during the Nuremberg trials of Nazi doctors. 

And the fact remains that the producers, promoters, and enforcers of the vaccine are exempt from legal responsibility for any negative consequences that may arise from taking it.  

Those providing and administering the vaccine gain all the benefits without incurring any of the risks. 

Our journalists visited various vaccination clinics around the Toronto area and one in Quebec over the last few months. 

We wanted to find out if the vaccinators at these clinics are being honest with their hesitant patients and if they fulfilled their duty to provide informed consent. 

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UNDERCOVER: Testing informed consent at Canada's vaccination


Only a week after our first visit in October, Ontario’s provincial government began to recommend Pfizer over Moderna due to reports of myocarditis and pericarditis — a risk of 1 in 5,000 for males aged 18-24! 

This was well after the concerted drive to mass vaccinate the public was already underway. 

So why weren’t these risks shared with the public earlier?

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