Fully Vaccinated More Likely To Die From COVID Than Unvaccinated Shows Shocking Scottish Report

Shocking statistics from the Public Health Scotland report show that the fully vaccinated are more likely to die from COVID than the unvaccinated.

According to fresh statistics from Scotland’s health authority, infection and hospitalization with COVID-19 are more frequent in people who have had at least one COVID-19 vaccination than in people who haven’t had any, and mortality from a double dosage is considerably more probable than in people who haven’t had any doses.

From December 11 to January 7, as per the newest COVID study from Public Health Scotland (PHS), case numbers for individuals testing positive for the virus seem to have been persistently lower amongst the unvaccinated, with the exception of the first week, when the triple-jabbed flagged up a marginally reduced rate of infection than the un-jabbed.

In three of the four weeks, the double vaccinated had twice the infection frequency of the un-jabbed and just mildly below double the rate in the fourth week.

Across the identical time frame, the single- and triple-jabbed had lower rates of infection than the double-jabbed, but still had approximately 1.3 and 1.4 times the amount of infections as the un-jabbed.

fully vaccinated die covid 1
Table 11: PHS Report

In terms of virus-related hospitalization, the double-jabbed were much more prone to be hospitalized than all of the other groups, even for those who have not yet been given a shot, having over twice as many admissions reported during the final week of the study as the un-jabbed. Those who had a booster shot were the least likely to be admitted to the hospital, with the single-jabbed having more hospitalizations in just one week than that of the un-jabbed.

fully vaccinated die covid 2
Table 12: PHS Report

During the four-week period from December 4 to December 31, the double vaccinated had considerably higher COVID-19 fatalities per 100,000 people than that of the un-jabbed. Across the corresponding time span, the double-jabbed incurred 137 deaths, whilst the un-jabbed succumbed to the virus 46 times. In percentage, that equates to 4.8 deaths per 100,000 among the un-jabbed and 7.67 deaths per 100,000 among the double-jabbed throughout the four weeks.

In half of the four weeks, individuals who had only one dosage of immunization dropped dead at an elevated rate equivalent than that of the un-jabbed, whereas those who had a booster had the lowest mortality rate with COVID-19 of the four classifications.

fully vaccinated die covid 3
Table 13: PHS Report

PHS has blamed adults above 70 who still haven’t had a booster dose for the sharp spike in infections, hospitalizations, and deaths amongst COVID-positive patients who have acquired two shots of the injections.

“This group of individuals aged 70-plus who have had two doses of vaccine but have not yet had a booster may include some very vulnerable individuals,” the report stated.

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According to a PHS spokesperson, the “vaccination status of cases, inpatients, and deaths should not be used to assess vaccine effectiveness because of differences in risk, behaviour, and testing in the vaccinated and unvaccinated populations.”

The pattern in Scotland for the double-jabbed populace, on the other hand, supports a study presented on December 20 by Danish researchers, which found that patients who receive two doses of an mRNA COVID shot had a higher risk of contracting omicron than those who do not.

England and Wales, Scotland’s national neighbors, have likewise recorded increased COVID incidences and unprecedented infections among vaccinated adults over the age of 18. The immunized have also began to overwhelm COVID hospitalizations and deaths throughout the rest of the UK, according to the latest weekly COVID report from the UK Health Security Agency.

Other heavily immunized European countries, as well as sections of the United States, have reported similar findings.

Furthermore, an Israeli researcher, Professor Gili Regev-Yochay, has stated that provisional outcomes of a research into the potency of a second booster, or fourth dose, demonstrate that the prevailing batch of COVID vaccines are “not good enough,” because they have proven to be “less effective against the omicron strain.”

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