Welcome to the Yukon Freedom website.

This site is dedicated to telling the other side of the ‘covid’ story, the one that the bought off media and corrupt government politicians do their best to censor or discredit while they push their agenda and are destroying the fabric of our society, try to remove our rights and freedoms and cause devastating damage to the economy.

Since the start of covid hysteria, the measures implemented have been predominantly harmful and completely inappropriate, untested and without proper risk assessments or consultation. Instead, measures were implemented by simply copying what other jurisdictions were doing or perhaps as dictated by other foreign entities.

Yukoners from across the territory are bringing YOU, our fellow friends, family, neighbours and colleages important information from around the world that has been otherwise heavily censored.

It is imperative to share this information so that we may preserve our rights and freedoms -once they are taken away it is extremely difficult if not impossible to get them back.

The state of emergency declared by Yukon government politicians through CEMA violate our Constitutional Rights & Freedoms and are not justified whatsoever. 

Any donations are much appreciated as we advocate for our Constitutional Rights & Freedoms to be upheld and to end the destruction brought about by tyrannical measures traditionally what one would be subject to under a dictatorship.

If you would like to make arrangements to donate or otherwise volunteer or ask questions, please contact us at: yukonfreedom (AT) protonmail.com