“I just read The great reset by our Bond villain Klaus Schwab”

Where do I start? My mind is blown at the moment. Coming from the knowledge that this guy and his friends are behind everything we’re seeing now and then reading in detail exactly what he has in store for us from this point onwards is absolutely wild.

A long time ago I remember reading a book written from the perspective of someone who was examining a murder case. In the end I found out that he was the murderer himself. My whole perspective of the situation turned upside down and was shattered. This book had exactly that same experience for me, although I knew from the beginner he was the ”killer”, or in contextual terms the one (with his friends) who decided to lock the entire world down and by doing that blow the dynamite up under every economic, industrial and business structure and the entire social fabric of the world population.

First of all I’d like to note that this book was published in July 2020, with the ”crisis” proper 3 months in (the lockdowns globally didn’t start until March 2020). The book is one of the most detailed books I’ve ever read and it covers every tiny aspect of society, from micro to macro economics, to finances, to industry, to social behavior, to mental health, to ”climate change”, to medical history, to medicine, to science. Every aspect there is in society and that you normally not think about is touched upon. Pretty quick work wasn’t it, to get a PHD level book that usually would take 10 years done in 3 months? Of course it was written before the ”crisis” and edited a bit to give it the context of that particular moment in time.

So the book has an astounding depth. Klaus starts the book (although I expect that the ”experts” actually wrote most of it and he just put his name under it) by a perfectly clear yet frightening statement: we’re not going back to normal. There’s no way going back to how things were. Period. No discussion. That’s done. He then starts to outline that a Great reset of every aspect of society is ”necessary” with the vague argument to build a more ”resilient” world that can cope better with future crises, and of course to combat inequalities, climate change, the gap between rich and poor (of course the rich being those who earn 100k a year, not those who own all the money and print it like Klaus and his friends). A couple of the things he says is that there will be initial inflation (which we see now) followed by deflation (as the global economy will be completely hollowed out permanently to create a slave class of hopeless, vulnerable, jobless people which has been dubbed the ”hunger game society”), working from home is permanent, social distancing is permanent, the general corona measures are permanent, overconsumption is of the past (which really hits the point home that they needed the last decades of overconsumption to get to the technological advancements they have now, and now under the guise of climate change they are getting rid of that phase to impoverish everyone), small business will disappear and big business will strengthen its place (and will essentially become a monopoly).

What is incredible ghastly is to realize that this man is one of the masterminds behind what has happened. He describes at length how this crisis destroyed the mental and psychological capacities of people, brought tremendous hurt, brought tremendous social conflict, fear, panic, pain. He writes about it quite neutrally, but I felt an undertone of Sadism there. How can you write these things, knowing that you’ve blown up the system and destroyed 8 billion lives, then acknowledging the damage and not shed a tear? Really, really remarkable. That’s one of the things that hit home while reading this book: these people have no conscience or are so numbed they’ve given it up. It truly is Satan we’re facing it and they hate humanity. They thrive on all the negativity humanity is facing now. He even has a chapter which is called ”rethinking humanness”. The future human is a slave under full surveillance (”necessary” for public health, he goes into that at length), living at home, doing everything digial, without direct social contact. Klaus calls for a community based focus and argues against individualism (obviously as individualism makes people think clearly, again a feature that underlines the thesis that these were important aspects of the old systems and necessary to advance economic progress and destroy communities, now to be discarded for the new system). This is of course a contradiction, as there will be no human in history more individualistic, alienated and lonely (truly atomized) as the human that is created now and is meant to advance in these characteristics permanently in the future.

Altogether I felt filthy after reading this. The inversion, the lie is so great, and the depth and thoughtfulness of this reset is so profound, well thought out and planned, it can only be fathomed when you have a strong foundation in how the global system works already. For me, this hit home all the points I had hovering around in my mind, which were connected now in a consistent framework). The book is full of contradictions, obvious gaslightings, where he says one thing and later says the opposite, or says something very strongly than to weaken it down a lot later. The most telling example is this: during the whole book the whole necessity for an entire reset of the global system and humanity is presented as being this coronavirus. Now what does Klaus do at the last pages, in his conclusion? He states outright that coronavirus is not dangerous! While mentioning the bulbonic plague and hence trying to give it the same feel during the whole book, he openly says it has a death rate of 0.006%. He says it will not extinguish humanity. He says it will not influence the health and mortality of human generations to come. In essence he says, actually there’s nothing going on. He even says that this is one of the mildest pandemics of the last 2000 years. One of the mildest pandemics of the 2000 years! But why then the Great reset of everything? Because, according to Klaus, we already had problems like climate change, inequality and new technological opportunities to create ”a better world”. Not for us, as we’ll be 8 billion slaves for the elite, but for them.

Read this book if you understand the big picture of what’s going on.