Here is some different information.  It might explain the neurological problems many are experiencing even though it sounds insane. Kuru is very real. Also the amount of zombie movies seems to correlate also. They always telegraph their moves given that’s their belief system if we’re too stupid to not understand what they’re doing next then they’re absolved of quilt or karma.

a rare brain disease caused by prions belonging to the Kreutzfeld Jakob’s group, transmitted by eating infected brain or exposure to open sores/wounds, was mainly found in Papua Neuginea

The Spike protein in the Vaccine is Kuru Disease.  There is no cure.  And it is 100 percent fatal.  Doesn’t no create antibodies.  Can not be detected.  Take a long time to become active.  You can only get it by ingestion or injection.  Takes 6 months to 10 years before it become visible.  It is also called the laughing disease.  It attack the brain.

Why do you think Gates laughs when he says “Wait till you see the next wave”

These people are evil