Dear Mr Streicker,

I’ve had a chance to read and consider your extremely long and detailed statement from the Nov 17, 2021 Hansard regarding Motion No. 217. I have been asking questions of our Premier over the last month that I have not received an answer to; I am hoping that is once I have read your statement, perhaps there is hope that you will read and consider mine.

I have taken some quotes from your statement as they directly relate to my higher level questioning. I have copied all of the quote to ensure that I leave the information in context.

As the burden of proof lies with our government, I’d appreciate your answers to my questions as they relate to your statement (please feel free to share this email with your Liberal colleagues as well):

Page 922:

“When I say “the public health”, what I am talking about is not just people having COVID. I am talking about our health care system and its ability to withstand the cases that are coming. The ICU beds, the emergency department, the hospital, our nursing stations across the territory — all of it together, including our mental wellness hubs. All of that health care system, we were told, could be threatened if a lot of cases rose suddenly, and what we needed to do was to try to stop that, and these were the two recommendations.”

My questions to you:

1 Do you agree that our health care system will also be threatened if, as a unified front, our self employed unregulated allied health care practitioners (who are now somehow included in this mandate announcement) also do not disclose their vaccination status in solidarity with our professional values of health information privacy, informed consent (not coercion), and the right of the individual to bodily autonomy? Everyday our allied health care community takes a burden off of the mental and physical health care system. What will happen to that system when we are no longer allowed to practice? What if we eradicate all of COVID-19, but end up with another health crisis?

Page 922, quoted directly from Dr Elliott when referring to alternatives for mandatory vaccination:

“Testing is insufficient to support the policy goals. It will not increase vaccine rates. On the contrary, it is likely to decrease vaccine rates. It has limited ability to protect those at risk from transmission. It shifts the burden from the individual to the public health system… vaccination is the better option from a public health perspective. Vaccination reduces the risk of contracting and spreading the virus. Vaccination reduces the number of clusters, outbreaks and overall case counts; it also reduces the severity of disease overall; this in turn reduces the burden on both the public and acute care health systems. This allows the health system to provide care for patients whose care has been deferred or affected by the pandemic.”

My questions:

1 Can Dr Elliott please provide me with the scientific literature to support that vaccination does indeed significantly reduce SARS-CoV 2 transmission, or in her words, that it “reduces the number of clusters, outbreaks and overall case counts”? Furthermore, literature on the length of time that significant reduction lasts post inoculation?

2 Can Dr Elliott please provide me with the scientific literature to support that these vaccines do indeed not cause long term adverse health effects?

3 Can Dr Elliot please explain to me why we are also not advocating for prophylactic and outpatient pre-ambulatory care, which are also tools that exist to help lessen the burden on the health care system? Why aren’t these tools being mandated if vaccination is being mandated?

Page 923:

“Now, we have a new variant, the Delta variant, and we have a wave. Even though the vaccine rates for the Yukon are extremely high — as the Minister of Highways and Public Works said the day before last — I think that he said that the current vaccination rate for adults over 18 and above, for their first vaccine, is at 90 percent, but we know that there are more people coming in every day to get vaccinated.

That is high for Canada, and yet, we can see that it is not high enough to stop a wave.”

My questions:

1 Can Dr Elliott please provide me with the information that substantiates that this vaccine, which was created, tested, and distributed before the Delta variant even existed, confers enough immunity to current and future strains of this virus?

2 Can you or Dr Elliot please explain to me how 90% vaccination rate does not confer herd immunity to this virus? Why the vaccination threshold for herd immunity for this virus keeps changing, and how this is supposed to make me feel comfortable with the safety and efficacy of this vaccine?

3 Can Dr Elliot please provide me with information on how viable PCR testing is? What is it’s rate of false positive and negatives?

Page 923:

“I listened to Dr. Elliott talk on the radio. There are a couple of things that I just want to point out that she said, because I think that the host — I think it was Elyn Jones that morning who asked her, well, you know, there are people who are vaccinated who are getting COVID. To which, Dr. Elliott said, yes, there are, but, of course, there are way more people who are vaccinated — nine times more adults have had their first shot than one out of 10 that have not. There are many more people who are vaccinated, so, to say that some of the vaccinated people have been getting COVID is correct, but she pointed out that the serious health outcomes for those people who are unvaccinated were 50 times worse than for those people who are vaccinated. This is why, I believe, she is giving us this advice, to say, no, you need to protect the public health in this instance.”

My question:

1 Can Dr Elliot please provide more health information and demographics on the cases and deaths in our territory – more than just vaccination status? How do these rates correlate with co-morbidities? Is COVID the only contributing factor to ill health and death of these cases?

I am on the front line of a different part of our health care system, Mr Streicker. I know that both COVID-19 and its vaccination are real fears; I also know that our territory is more divided than ever because of that fear. This is a heavy mandate that your government is imposing and as such, I hope that you can appreciate where my line of questioning comes from.

I sincerely look forward to your answers to my questions above.

Thank you for your time,