This was posted in the FB page. A post from someone named … who was in Ottawa last night it looks like:
This is not a political post or a debate post, it doesn’t matter to me what side you are on or who you support. This is just strictly a post of what we personally seen and experienced on our trip to Ottawa.
We expected to spend a couple nights in the city to take in this part of history and see things with our own eyes and not through the lens of someone else so we could develope our own first hand opinions.
Our drive down was happy and full of excitement with lots of music. We stayed in the city for approximately 6 hours and we quickly left and started our drive home. The first 2 hours being in silence no talking, no radio as we both were processing what we seen while trying to come to terms with it. It was much more eye opening and sinister than we could of imagined.
As we got close to the city every off ramp was closed and the police presence was every where you turned. We could not drive anywhere close to downtown so we parked the vehicle, suited up for the cold and brought our Canadian flag and camera and weaved our way into the city following the sound of music and cheering. As we walked we passed many happy and cheerful people, locals asking where we were from and thanking us for being there, kids playing in the snowbanks and laughing in the street. We quickly noticed, no garbage, no broken windows (aside from the ones police broke out of vehicles to drag people out) some businesses were open and happily serving the crowds of citizens. We passed zones where police had previously cleared and it was eary to say the least nothing left but vehicles, snowmen, food, and personal belongings.
We could not get to parliment hill to join the main crowd as riot police and swat teams had secured the area and everyone in it. No one in and no one out. We joined a crowd of several thousand people at one the blockades on Bank street downtown.
It was a pretty moving and heart warming thing to be a part of. Seeing the riot police, with automatic weapons, batons, spot lights, SWAT tanks and face coverings was a sobering sight in contrast to the cheerful and peaceful crowd. We chatted, sang and danced with people of every race, religion and political background. We talked with a Native Lady, Hillary she is from the Yukon and made the trip by herself so she could see first hand what was happening in our capital and she said it was the most positive and warm energy she had ever felt. She had been there for weeks and explained to us to be carful.Things are not what they are telling you on the tv and they were quickly getting worse. As we chatted a local elderly lady came by with homemade peanut butter sandwiches. A whole box full asking if anyone was hungry, a warming gesture on a cold night.
We took a break from the cheerful crowd and went to a tim hortons a couple blocks away for some hot coffee. The place was packed, citizens and employees carrying on and laughing, no food left only coffee. As I waited for our drinks and vanessa waited in line for the washroom an elderly lady in the corner quickly struck up conversation with me. She asked where we were from, where we were staying and how long we had been in Ottawa. As i started answering her questions she stopped me when i got to the part we were staying in our SUV lol. She quickly said it is too cold for that and offered her home to us, sleep, eat and shower. She lived downtown and said she is normally afraid to go out late at night but since the convoy arrived she had been outside almost everynight until midnight. Well passed her bed time she laughed. As we chatted another lady joined in on the conversation. Turns out she was a member of Parliament from B.C. and was in the city for the emergency act vote. She asked the older lady if she was scared or terrified on the streets the older lady laughed and said absolutely not. This is the most fun I’ve had and the most alive I’ve ever felt in my home. They asked to get a group photo so I couldn’t help myself and took one as well. We declined the ladies offer to stay in her home but it was an incredible feeling that she felt that safe around us.
As we were getting ready to leave we noticed people coming in with watery eyes and others running in the other direction. Someone informed us they had started pepper spraying and beating citizens to push them back another block farther from parliment. We were shocked and almost didn’t believe them. The crowd was so peaceful and even police were chatting and tapping their feet to the music being played. So, armed with our canadian flag, tim hortons coffee and a camera we walked back down. A shorter walk this time as the crowd was pushed back another block up the street. We seen people laying on the ground not being able to see and strangers trying to help them. It was hard to believe we were in Canada at this point, let alone the capital city just a few blocks from parliment. “Something must of happened” I thought to myself. There is no way they would of done this to the singing crowd we had left a short time before. The crowd was peaceful and singing when we reached the blockade again. “They must of arrested the instigators” I thought to myself as the crowd cheered on. Boy was I saddly wrong. Oh Canada broke out and the whole crowd started singing and before we were halfway through the national anthem someone shouted “he just tapped them on the shoulder” (That was there sign to attack apparently when tapped on the shoulder by their boss) they quickly doubled up raised their batons and pepper spray filled the air. The row of police in the back raised their rifles to face level and followed close behind the riot police. It was at this moment I had seen all I needed to see to make my own opinion of our government and the human rights violations that are happening in our own capital. I have never felt so unsafe and so violated as I looked around in horror at people being tackled by police and watching as they swung their batons at anyone who fell, man, woman or child. They were beaten until the police had their fix and then drug away behind the line. We were no longer in Canada at this point we were somewhere far away but somewhere close to hell. I quickly panicked as I lost Vanessa in the ensuing chaos and began to worry thinking the worst. I found her a short time later helping a man who had lost his eye sight from the pepper spray.
I’m ending the story here as I’ve said all I need to say. For those of you that have read this far, thank you and I hope this has opened your eyes and brought some first hand knowledge to help you understand what is taking place in our own capital and being absolutely disgustingly reported on by our media and governemnt. I don’t care who you support, I dont care what race or religion you are. We are all Canadians and we are all equal there is no place for this here. Justin Trudeau and any other party supporting the emergency act, the whole world is watching right now and what you are allowing to happen here is sickening to say the least.