Masks Make You Sick

“Those who give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”  Benjamin Franklin

Those who give up the essential liberty of breathing in oxygen, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither oxygen nor safety.

A mask is to a virus as a chain link fence is to a mosquito.

Particles much larger than viruses, like smoke and vapour, easily travel through your mask.  Test this by sidling up to a smoker!

Viruses are so small, they are invisible through optical telescopes – but you can see the gaps in your mask with a magnifying glass!

According to scientific studies a properly used surgical mask can still be penetrated by pathogens.

Virologists wear space suits with oxygen tanks instead of masks because this is the only way to protect oneself from viruses.

The science behind masks:

  1. Masks are an excellent breeding ground for germs: the warm, moist cloth provides optimal living conditions and is like a petri dish of germs.   When you inhale, pathogens adhere to your mask.  Some enter your respiratory tract – settling in your lungs.

Normally you would exhale the pathogens, setting them free into cold, dry air where the virus can’t survive easily.  When you wear a mask it catches the pathogens on their way out and the provided, perfect living space allows them to breed and multiply – especially true when wearing a mask over longer periods of time (e.g. store clerks).

  1. These heavily multiplied viruses, bacteria, fungi and mold enter the body of the mask wearer whenever they take a breath – causing oral disease, strep and staph infections of the airways.  Long term, pathogens significantly impact diabetics, people with cardiovascular disease or cancer, and with autoimmune, neurological and psychiatric issues.
  2. But not only are you endangering yourself – you are also breathing these multiplied germs onto others, making them deal with a higher viral load! YOU are a danger to others when wearing a mask!
  3. Up to 25% of oxygen uptake is impeded by a mask (more if the mask weave is tighter).  Oxygen is essential to a healthy immune system – wearing a mask weakens the immune system due to lack of oxygen and a higher pathogen load.
  4. When you breathe out you release carbon dioxide. This is essential as it is poisonous.  The nausea and headaches many experience are due to lack of oxygen and trapped carbon dioxide in the body.
  5. The excessive focus on masks foments hysteria, and could cause people to overlook other, more effective, safety measures.
  6. Immune-compromised people are at the highest risk from all of the above.
  7. Masks make people sick – Jurisdictions without mandatory masks have fewer Covid patients (see links below)
  8. Masks were suspected in many deaths during the Spanish Influenza epidemic by causing pneumonia – see

Fauci’s mask paper for Spanish Influenza



Long Term mask use and lung cancer

oral hygiene decrease due to masks – this is from a dental clinic and includes tips on how to live safer with a mask


In the face of such scientific, logical and common-sense information and in the face of doctors worldwide calling for an end to mask mandates, why are politicians and chief medical officers forcing unsafe practices?

The pharma industry WANTS YOU SICK!  How else are they going to add to their billions?  They sell masks, tests and vaccines.

80% of main stream media’s income comes from big pharma ads

Prominent health officials (like Dr. Fauci, Dr. Tam and Dr. Hanley) as well as the World Health Organisation (WHO) and politicians (like the Yukon Liberals) have changed their tune on masks since March – from saying masks do not give significant benefits to double and triple masking is best (Fauci).  This seems a bit odd – unless of course studies have now found that masks do save lives.  But alas, the opposite is true.  Not only is science from before Covid holding true (tests have always shown that even masking in hospitals did not do any good), but new studies during Covid have also shown that masks do not cut down on infections – US states with mask mandates have higher Covid rates. Countries in Europe with mask mandates have higher Covid rates.

Perhaps most concerning is something else, something much more sinister hiding behind the mask mandate.  It’s a faceless human being.  How will we socialize?  How will we make friends?  How can we fall in love and marry?

For more on that subject, please visit the page titled Great Reset.