My secret plan to end the vaccine madness

Don’t tell anyone, OK? Just between us.

There is no one thing that ends the madness. Each activity contributes to moving the ball forward.

The good news is that people in healthcare are getting really upset now and many are sacrificing their jobs to speak out. So I think this will end sooner than later.

As always, our biggest “convincer” is the vaccine itself. Sooner or later doctors and nurses are going to have to stop ignoring the side effects and speak out just as occurred here.

I’m currently of the belief that there are only two basic ways to victory:

  1. End the censorship of doctors. Enable the 30% of “red pill” healthcare provider to speak out without fear of retribution
  2. Discredit the authorities. Find a way to discredit the “authorities” in a way that the “blue pill” public can relate to, e.g., a debate, show “hidden camera footage,” get The New York Times to run a whistleblower story, etc.

Here are some of the activities I’m involved in now (in my copious free time while not writing Substack articles):

  1. Enable doctors to speak the truth without fear of retribution from medical boards and hospitals. Stopping the censorship of doctors either in a single state, or across the country with a coordinated day where 100,000 healthcare providers speak out at the same time. This includes activities such as suing state medical boards for violating the free speech rights of doctors and creating a special substack to coordinate action
  2. Get RFK Jr. on Rogan
  3. Publicizing the actual rates of child injury from school medical officials and making this public with names of the institutions
  4. Discredit the ringleaders (Fauci, CDC) with evidence that they can’t defend. This is harder than it sounds. For example, Malone mentioned the Biden / Modi call. Professor Peter Schirmacher who is beyond reproach showed at least 30% of the deaths post-vaccine were caused by the vaccine, but the CDC was able to get the story quashed and the mainstream media refused to acknowledge it.
  5. Survey of the public on vaccine side effects using professional polling organizations to show the CDC has been lying the American people
  6. University study of vaccine side effects so that the survey can be published in peer-reviewed medical journals making it hard to challenge
  7. Showing people what is in the vials (analysis done by a very trusted actor). Multiple brands, multiple batches, multiple labs. Just to remove all doubt. This one thing alone can end it instantly depending on what they find.
  8. Debate with prominent pro-vaxxer(s). This is a low probability event. Nobody on their side wants a fair debate. We couldn’t even get pond scum like @ZdoggMD to the debate table. Even very low-profile people like “Your local epidemiologist” wouldn’t debate. Apparently, all these “experts” are deathly afraid of being challenged publicly.
  9. Careful athlete/pilot adverse event analysis that survives every fact checker showing comparison with previous years.
  10. Expose Gavin Newsom as lying about his vaccine injury (requires a relative to permanently end his Newsom relationship so that is hard).
  11. Using humor to educate people on what is going on (similar to JP Sears videos). I’m talking with comedian Tyler Fisher about this (he does a great Fauci impersonation).
  12. Convince some prominent narrative supporters to switch sides, e.g., imagine if Sanjay Gupta told the truth about the vaccines and then was fired from CNN. Or a prominent writer for the New York Times to blow the whistle. These acts of courage will start to wake people up.
  13. Creating mass awareness, e.g., I’m funding the Jan 23 Defeat the Mandates March on Washington event and follow @dchomecoming on Twitter.
  14. Continue to educate people on the evidence in plain sight. Sadly, this moves the needle very slowly. For example, it’s crystal clear from the data that masks do nothing, but people can’t read science so they keep their masks on.
  15. Get people like Robert Malone, Peter McCullough, Brian Tyson, etc. back on Twitter so that their voices can be heard and not silenced.
  16. Organize volunteers. We have hundreds of volunteers. If you want to help, register your skills here on the resource registration form.
  17. Encourage all my followers to do something to advance the ball on a daily basis. Can you convince one person a week to switch? Can you share your success with others?

If you have other ideas that you think will help move the needle, let me know in the comments. There are many approaches, but convincing the public is the hardest since they trust their doctors. The fastest way to win this is either:

  1. Get lots of doctors to convince their peers/speak out in unison and/or
  2. Thoroughly discredit Fauci/CDC in a way the public will embrace. By discrediting the top authority figures, the entire narrative topples.

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