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Notice of Liability

To: School Superintendents, School Board Executives, School Principals, Teachers and Administration 

Name: _____________________________________________

Re: Vaccines administered in school settings 

This is your official and personal Notice of Liability. 

You are not a medical professional and, therefore, you are unlawfully practising medicine by prescribing,
recommending, and using coercion to insist on this experimental medical treatment. 


1. The Nuremberg Code, to which Canada is a signatory, prohibits forcing or coercing anyone, under any
circumstances, to participate in a medical experiment; and the Code states “the voluntary consent of the human
subject is absolutely essential.”; 

2. All the treatments being marketed as COVID-19 vaccines are still in Phase III clinical trials until 2023 to 2024
and hence qualify as medical experiments. People taking these treatments are enrolled in clinical trials;

3. None of these treatments has been approved, but only granted emergency use authorization, hence cannot be
mandated nor can informed consent be dispensed with; 

4. Most vaccines are trialed for at least 5-10 years and COVID-19 vaccines have been in trials for less than one

5. No other coronavirus vaccine (ie. MERS, SARS-1) has been approved for market, due to antibody-dependent
enhancement resulting in severe illness and deaths in animal models; 

6. Numerous doctors, scientists and medical experts are issuing dire warnings about the short and longterm
effects of COVID-19 vaccines, including but not limited to death, infertility, miscarriages, Bell’s palsy, blood
clots, cancer, inflammatory conditions, autoimmune disease, early-onset dementia, convulsions, anaphylaxis, and
antibody dependent enhancement leading to death; 

7. Children and youth are at virtually no risk of dying from COVID-19 or transmitting it to others, but deaths and
injuries to children and youth have already occurred in the COVID-19 injection clinical trials; 

8. There have been more deaths from COVID-19 vaccines, as reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting
System (VAERS), than deaths in the last 20 years from all vaccines combined; 

9. Only 1% -10% of vaccine injuries are reported to VAERS. The full extent of adverse events from the COVID
vaccines is unknown as there is at least a three month delay in uploading reports to the VAERS database.

10. Canada’s Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI) is a passive reporting system and is not widely
promoted to the public, hence many adverse events go unreported; 

11. Breakthrough cases of COVID-19 infections in those who have received COVID-19 vaccines is on the rise; 

12. The trials have not proven that COVID-19 vaccines prevent infection or transmission; 

13. Safe and effective treatments and preventive measures exist for COVID-19;


1. Students are at nearly zero % risk of contracting or transmitting this respiratory illness and are instead buffers which
help others build their immune system. The overall survival rate is 99.997% . 

2. Children have already been exposed to unprecedented amounts of fear, instability, shaming, psychological
trauma, and segregation through the COVID-19 measures and are therefore even more suggestible than their
developmental stage would usually entail; 

3. It is the job of parents or legal guardians, not of principals, teachers, teacher assistants, school board executives
or other adults with influence on children, to make medical decisions for them; 

4. Schools include vaccine and COVID-19 vaccine curriculum which is biased, prejudicial and is a form of undue
influence on any minor child which excludes full disclosure of the known risks of vaccination and the emerging
evidence that vaccines do not provide protection as claimed; 

5. Vaccine compliance elicited from children under threat of coercion, bullying, or suspension and who are not of
fully informed consent that they have the legal right to refuse vaccination, constitutes extreme bullying and
coercion and is construed under Canadian Medical Law as a “battery” as well as a violation of our Charter
rights.”(Source: Vaccine Choice Canada); 

6. All Canadian law, contrary to misinformation spread by the World Health Organization, does not allow for
“implied consent”;

7. The Mature Minor doctrine cannot override the wishes and consent of the parents outside of the emergency of
imminent harm or death. Vaccinations do not fall under the Mature Minor doctrine. 

8. The engagement of medical experimentation without informed consent further constitutes the indictable
offence of crimes against humanity under the Criminal Code of Canada. 

We now contend the risk associated with COVID-19 vaccinations is extremely dangerous to the health and wellbeing of all children and this form of treatment unnecessary. Any coercion or pressure tactics used for students to be vaccinated contravenes the Nuremberg Code, the Helsinki Declaration and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. 

Any use of ‘implied consent” by any minor child under the age of 18 is defined in law as gross, contributory, and culpable criminal negligence. Any party found to be involved in vaccination coercion when entrusted with the care of our children will be prosecuted to full extent of law. 

We hereby notify all school staff, school board members and executive, and any other adults who may have
access to our children while under their care. This includes the assistance of outside school staff, or contractors
such as public health nurses, or health officials. They will be held personally and criminally liable for any injuries
or deaths that may occur.

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