Dear Dishonourable Politicians and Canadian Citizen’s who support mandated vaccines and passports, lest we forget……………history repeats itself when forgotten. So let us remember at this time honoring our veterans’; young, old, and all those that laid down their lives for us, why they fought. They fought for our freedom to choose, freedom to speak without fear, free to worship in our own way, freedom to stand for what we think is right, and the freedom to oppose what we believe wrong. The freedom to choose our own health treatments.

Have you found yourself quoting or believing the following statements?

1.It is unvaccinated that is spreading this disease that effects our children and the most vulnerable and it needs to stop.

2.It is unvaccinated that are uneducated spreading misinformation on society causing the government to make measures that affect us all. These people need to stop spreading indoctrination and ideology of the unvaccinated.

3.The unvaccinated should at the very least wear recognition in order to protect themselves and identify that they are the unvaccinated.

4.If vaccinated people want to live freely then it is only the unvaccinated that is blocking us from the freedom we deserve, the return back to our society.

5.It should be vaccinated only allowed into places of business and employment because the unvaccinated is not only a danger to themselves but others as well.

Re-read the five quotes but this time change “unvaccinated”, with “Jewish community”, and “vaccinated” with “German”. Then understand your quoting NAZI Germany in 1932 till the end of WW2. Did you know that Hitler created “Ahnenpa𐌁” a racial passport that authorized Aryans to have the best jobs, entrance to museums, public buildings, theatres and Universities? Health Passes have been used before. The ‘Gesundheits Pass’ which in German means ‘Health Pass’. You are participating in the repeat of history. Which side of history do you want to be on?

Do you recognize there are ten stages of genocide and Canada is well on its way to promoting hate crimes in the name of a virus that has a 99.5% recovery rate? Is this really how you want to be remembered as a Nation? The first stage involves classification, Creating the us versus them scenario using labeling with descriptions. The labeling of conspiracy theorist and antivaxxer are an example of this stage. Symbolization is the second stage. This is about creating classification which leads to dehumanization. The masks and vaccines are being used to identify and control the narrative of who is a good person and who is not. It does not matter that there is no science behind this except to create more illness in the faithful. If the masks were really about protection, then there would be biohazard waste disposal for them, not dirty used masks lying all over the ground. The third period is discrimination. The mask is used to determine who can do what and what goods and services are accessible. Now the next level is using a medical vaccine procedure to control and discriminate against people. It is used to determine who can access medical service, social events, travel, restaurants, place to live, or the right to work and support oneself. This is discrimination that violates Human Rights and the blindness of the public following and supporting these narratives needs to be challenged.

The fourth point is about dehumanizing. At this stage, hate propaganda in print, radios and television is used to vilify the chosen targeted group. The majority group is taught to regard the other group as less than human. This hate speech against anyone who wants the freedom to choose a medical treatment has been promoted by our own Prime Minister in his address to the public. Threats to destroy their ability to participate in society was his election platform. He calls it choice when it really is extortion. The media bought and paid for by this tyrant continues to promote his agenda of hate and lies. Fifth phase is the organization of the genocide by the government. Here we have the special task forces formed outside of the regular police force such as the CEMA cops in the Yukon or untrained and unvetted criminal security personnel that the Federal government has hired for its covid hotels and to enforce compliance of lockdowns. Chinese and United Nations military on Canadian soil getting ready for what? Jason Kenney talking about creating a special police force and getting rid of the RCMP in Alberta. The government continually forcing businesses (using threats of destroying the business) to do their dirty work enforcing their illegal mandates. The sixth stage is polarization where the division between the two groups is more solid. Now we have a push from government for disarmament of our guns and families are divided to the point where family members are no longer welcome at family gatherings. The vaccinated live in an illogical fear that they will be infected by the unvaccinated, when they can still infect others themselves and get infected. This is where we are now and it is a critical point to turn things around or we will deteriorate into the following final stages of genocide by our government.

The seventh is preparation for the genocidal murders. The Federal government had a tender notice in 2020 for a Service Provider(s) for Federal Quarantine / Isolation sites. This is already in place for the rounding up of the unvaccinated. The eighth and ninth stages are persecution and extermination which have not happened yet but if this agenda does not stop, we will get here soon. The tenth stage is the denial of the government that they have done any wrong.

For all politicians and Canadian citizens supporting this agenda of mandatory vaccines and travel passes you better not insult all those who have fought to protect our freedom and civil liberties in all the wars. You will need to remove the poppy as you are nothing but a hypocrite. You cannot support both. It is time to be honest and take a good hard look at your real intentions. You have no respect or compassion for those that lost their lives or fought and struggle under trauma related injuries when they returned home. I do not want to hear your corrupt, false speeches on behalf of veterans when you are pushing a fascist agenda destroying peoples lives. You are nothing but corrupt charlatans. In the words of a Canadian veteran, he states “I did not agree to sacrifice my life three times in a row to fight extremists in Afghanistan, who force women to cover their faces and undermine the physical integrity of people to return to my country and find the same kind of extremists that give themselves the right to mask people and dispose of the physical integrity of others as they please. I fought them and I will always fight them.” (Cpl Patrick Lemay, 1eR22R Afghan combat veteran). We know who you are and it is time to step down because you do not deserve any deference for the destruction you are willing to do. If you are afraid of the unvaccinated, and think forced experimental medical procedures are acceptable, we are NOT the same. The theoretical future “risk” unvaccinated pose is unconfirmed, but the immediate and real risk you pose to us is grave.

You are on thin ice if you think that following orders and not listening to the constituents that voted for you, is safe and justified. You and all your fellow politicians are on the wrong side of history. Those who forget history will repeat it. You and other politicians will be held liable for not doing your full fiduciary duty and other duties in representing the interests of the people of the Canada. Crashing the fragile economy will have serious consequences. Destroying Canadians lives, for your fascist agenda, will be returned to you. It has already been established in the Nuremberg trials that just following orders does not excuse your actions. The blood of deaths from suicides, domestic abuse, overdoses, forced medical vaccines, police/military brutality, starvation from the loss of jobs, housing and small businesses. People dying at home from lack of medical care is on your hands. Those deaths are way larger in number than the less than 1% deaths from a virus that is no different than any other flu out there. You and others like you, will be judged for your actions in supporting this fraudulent narrative and your inactions in failing to undertake critical thinking and independent research on what is best for the constituents. Remember at the Nuremberg trials they gave the death penalty for war crimes and you are on the wrong side of this genocidal war.

First, They Came for The Jews

Poem by Martin Niemöller

 First, they came for the Jews
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for the Communists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for me
and there was no one left
to speak out for me.


Stacy McKee