I write out of concern as a Yukon senior who could require treatment for Covid-19. In addition to the current Pfizer shot which does not prevent infection or transmission, another potentially life saving option exists.

A current protocol is available in which early diagnosis of COVUD -19 can lead to effective treatment using a range anti-parasitic and anti-inflammatory drugs.  Originating in the United States and drawing on work of Dr. Roger Varon who leads the COVID-19 unit at United Memorial Medical Center (UMMC) in Houston Texas, the MATH+ protocol utilizes: Intravenous Methylprednisolone, High-dose intravenous Ascorbic acid (vitamin C), plus optional treatments Thiamine, zinc and vitamin D plus Full dose low molecular weight Heparin. Additionally in October 2020 Ivermectin, a broad spectrum anti-parasitic and anti-inflammatory was also added as a core medication as it ahas been found to reduce COVID-19 mortality by 81% as published in Collective Evolution, April 13, 2021. (See also: J Drugs Dermatol. 2016 Mar; 15(3): 325-32, FLCC December 8, 2020 and Medpage Today, January 6, 2021)

“From March 20, 2021, to May 21, 2021, there were 1,293 hospitalized COVID-19 patients United Medical Memorial Center. Eighty-six of them died , resulting in a 6.7% death rate. That’s about half the 12.5% death rate for hospitalized COVID-19 patients reported by the National Center for Health Statistics over the same period.”

Also according to Dr. Pierre Kory “The MATH+ protocol has led to high survival rates.  Out of more than 100 hospitalized COVID-19 patients treated with the MATH+ protocol as of mid-April 2020, only two died. Both were in their 80’s and had advanced medical conditions.”

Along with Dr. Varon, Dr. Paul Marik a critical care doctor at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in East Virginia helped develop the MATH+ COVID – 19 treatment protocol. Initially only supportive care was offered to COVID-19 patients. Patients with COVID-19 were advised stay home until they were lacking oxygen. Marik believes this costs lives since treatment with MATH+ is so effective. He observed, “While we may not have the best answers, we do have some answers and to tell people to stay at home and isolate until they go blue is an absurdity that’s causing lots of damage because we are now waiting for the virus to, in some people cause the cytokine storm.  And when they arrive with that state it is very difficult to reverse it and stop it and bring them back.”

Can you please assure me that If I (or anyone) contract COVID – 19 in Yukon, that we will be provided with a full range of intermediate treatment options analogous to or including the MATH+ protocol.  Specifically, can we count on being prescribed Ivermectin, Heparin, Hydroxychloroquine, Methylprednisolone or Querctitin as early intervention anti-parasitic and anti-inflammatory prophylaxis?

Please assure me that we will not merely wait untreated (or only prescribed antibiotics) until we need to be medivaced and placed on a respirator.

Kind regards,

Yukoner – S.