FDA on phasing out PCR after Dec 31

Kary Mullis

Dr. Kary Mullis, an expert in Molecular biology [1], invented the PCR technique. A process used by corrupt officials across the world to track the Wu Han Virus. His work awarded him the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1993 [2]. Before the outbreak, he passed away but left us with words we must hear.


First, unlike the liars in the medical field, Mullis spoke the truth. He stressed [3] the PCR test does not diagnose disease, period. End of story. When asked about its misuse, Kary sets the record straight. “One does not misuse the PCR test.” If done correctly, the test makes believers in the Buddhist mantra: “Everything is contained in everything else.” The test can’t show if someone’s sick or if what they have will hurt them. But when practitioners set the amplification (aka Cycle Thresholds) high enough, the test claim’s positive for anything [4].


It’s a win, win for Fauci. False positives flow, and the agenda enacted.


To prove this point, in a December 2020 study by Cambridge University [5], over nine thousand students [6] returned false positives from the PCR test. To repeat Kary’s words, the test produces the results needed for a pandemic to exist when done right. It’s manipulation at its finest.