which obscures complicated truths and feeds the dogmas of this new faith. Adherents believe they are on the side of the angels, but their faith threatens to bring about a new Dark Age. Why? Because more and more people in the grip of this religion are willing to use illiberal means.


Wealth Inequality. One sect is obsessed with the idea that some people control considerable resources while others have too little. Such obsession causes the adherents to focus on what the rich have rather than what the poor lack. They seek equality of outcomes, which means using illiberal means to confiscate wealth.


But those dedicating their lives to the Big Three tend to exaggerate their severity. Indeed, the most zealous put these issues at the center of all moral, social, and economic life. Once there, no other concerns or values matter. And that changes an ideological prior into a religious dogma, particularly when people organize around said dogma.


We must also be concerned about vengeful reactions to this new Church of State because reactionaries share a willingness to use illiberal means to put down their enemies, which expands state power and risks making the rest of us collateral damage in a 21st-century civil war.


we must upgrade liberal humanism

we must rediscover timeless moral truths. Nonviolence. Integrity. Compassion. These truths require not just lip service but active, daily practice.  If we don’t reestablish a doctrine of sacredness of persons, we risk returning to the horrors that marked the twentieth century.

“Never again,” we promised, but only liberalism can keep that promise.