I thought I would just share my personal experience with that thing that everyone is talking about, which the government wants us to take, and which is so controversial. It begins with the same three letters that the word vacation begins with. I’ll all it the nadel (German for needle) so I don’t attract unwanted attention!

I had both recommended nadels. And I had what the doctor called a “side effect.” I’m not a doctor but would describe it as hypersensitivity to even minor skin trauma. I had a severe reaction to a bug bite and also a very severe rash on my legs. The first thing the doctor said when I showed the rash on my legs was, “Have you recently had the [nadel]?”

Also, I unfortunately had a foot injury in August, including a broken bone and soft tissue injury, which is taking a long time to heal (still not healed after over 2 months, still on crutches). The doctor says the inflammation and poor healing might be at least partly due to the nadel. (Normally I heal very quickly.)

I requested a medical exemption so that I would not be required to take any more nadels. Then my doctor told me:

(1) She can only give those exemptions for anaphylactic shock. That’s it. No side effects, no matter how serious.

(2) One of her patients, a young woman, went blind in her left eye after the first nadel. The doctor had to get special documents from the provincial health officer so the poor girl would not have to take another. (I asked if the girl recovered her sight, and the doctor said yes, fortunately, after several months.)

(3) She (the doctor) will get in trouble if she gives me a medical exemption. The governing body sent out a warning letter saying doctors could get in serious trouble for giving them for side effects.

(4) All I can do is refuse any more nadels.

The provincial health officer knows about this blindness and other side effects, but is censoring doctors who go public with their concerns. She will not share the risks with the public, and the nadel is being promoted as safe. Is it safe, really, when these things are happening, and more?