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Member of Parliament Aviation Industry petition (e-3934) – Closes April 29, 2022

To end vax mandates for aviation industry employees

Click here for petition details and to sign the petition


Yukon Legislative Assembly petitions – November 2021 – NOW CLOSED

Outcome:  Petition No. 1 was rejected.  The other petitions were not presented.

Media:  https://www.whitehorsestar.com/News/petition-protests-mandatory-vaccines-for-yg-employees – Nov. 2, 2022

https://www.yukon-news.com/news/government-responds-to-petition-opposing-vaccine-mandate/ – Nov 12, 2022

Please share these petitions with everyone you know to encourage the MLAs to discuss these important issues -given that they purport to represent us. We need the original pages with signatures – scanned copies will not be accepted. Plan to get us signed petitions #2,3 & 4 by November 8th please .

Please contact us once you are ready to submit the petitions and we can arrange for a drop off or pickup since we need the originals to submit. Email: yukonfreedom (AT) protonmail.com or send a message using the contact form below the email list signup form

Petitions to download and print:

Petition1-RescindMandatoryMandatePlans *Need to receive signed paper copies in Whitehorse by Monday November 1st at noon.*

Please contact us to coordinate delivery from your community ASAP.

Plan to get us signed petitions #2,3 & 4 by November 8th please .




More petitions to come once these are submitted in sequence…

Further action will proceed if these concerns are not addressed appropriately – there is a wide range of legal action possible and we intend to exercise every option available by law. This is a peaceful movement by Yukoners for us and future generations.

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