I’ve noticed this trend within The Davos Crowd in recent months, speaking with their outside voice what they only ever talk about internally.


That plot, by the way, is to transfer power over the global money supply to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) by eventually doing away with individual central banks.

Italy, officially, has 2450 tonnes of gold, give or take.  Macron can ask them to pony up because they owe at least that much to the ECB and Germany through TARGET2.  Draghi has already made it explicit that there will be no Italeave without paying that debt.  He said this as ECB President. With Christine Lagarde in power that requirement is still there. Now that he’s Prime Minister, Italeave is off the table. Worse, he can effect this transfer once there is political cover for it.

I don’t think this plan has legs just yet, but it is another sign that they have to accelerate their plans because of the rising opposition to the basic framework of Davos’ agenda.

So, Macron speaking on the eve of the G-7 conference to spill the plot is telling of just how bad his electoral prospects are in France, because he needs to improve his image and this is the best he can come up with? Sell some of France’s gold to the IMF to pay for a new colonization program in Africa?