Hello John (Streicker),

Thank you and Sandy Silver to keep me save and put pressure on me and many Yukoners to get the experimental gene therapy. What would we do without you? Live our boring life, go to work ( which thanks to you and you Party is almost impossible….) if we don’t get the vaccine ( by the way: this is not a vaccine. Vaccines prevent serious illness- this one doesn’t).

How many Yukon life’s do you think are affected by this Mandatory Vaxx. Program your party just rolled out.

How many people can’t pay there Mortgages any more because of  Silver and you ( and yes, I make it peroneal because for this who loose there job it is)?

Did Silver made this decision on his own or was he told to do that by Trudeau?

How many already stressed out families will have a pretty dire Christmas because of your and Silvers decision to choose between being jabbed and get possible sick, die or have sever side effects or loose the Family income?

How come MP’s are trying to get exempt from getting the shot like the Senate in the US?

This whole policy is detached from science an it became political.

I strongly suggest for you to quit your job and find something else before you and all your colleagues are being charged and hopefully prosecuted.

Are you being paid by the Pharma industry?  I’m pretty sure Trudeau is, Silver probably  as well as the Chief Medical officer. Could it be that you are being blackmailed or threatened ?

When you took office you probably had to swear an oath  to prevent harm to your Canadian Citizens.

What happened to your promise?

( by the way: don’t give me that pandemic story. Look at Stat’s Canada data and look if there are more people dead than any given year. You also can look up the German Robert Koch Institute. Maybe they even post in English).