With a “Plan B”, our FPÖ federal party leader Herbert Kickl presented a way out of the corona pandemic for Austria today. The central points of the
plan are a comprehensive antibody study, an end to the existing test regime based on this, as well as early drug treatment of corona-positives by doctors 
in order to prevent severe courses.

To record the press conference

The three essential elements of the plan are:
Immediate end of the vaccination regime while maintaining voluntariness
Anyone who wants to be vaccinated should do so - but not in the vaccination street or at the supermarket checkout, but after talking to a trusted doctor. 
There is no reason to vaccinate children and adolescents. And the principle of voluntariness applies: Anyone who ultimately decides against the 
vaccination must not suffer any disadvantage from it.

A stop around the area for the test regime and a comprehensive antibody study to ascertain the current situation
Anyone who has a corresponding number of antibodies has protection and must be considered immunized. It does not matter whether these antibodies 
come from the vaccination, a proven Covid infection or from an infection that someone has not even noticed. The large antibody study would also create 
a solid database on the effectiveness of the vaccine and even the individual vaccines. For those who do not have antibodies, PCR tests should be used as 
soon as they have symptoms. And then a doctor must immediately take over the treatment of the patient suffering from corona. “We are returning to medical 
normality. The care of infected and sick people may not take place in any call centers, but must be taken over by the doctor, ”explained Herbert Kickl.

Ensure medical treatment by doctors right from the start
Early treatment that is individually tailored to the patient prevents severe disease progression with hospitalization. Covid-19 is a viral infection of 
the upper respiratory tract - like many others. There are a number of approved drugs that could be used at this stage. For the possible second phase, 
the inflammatory phase of the vascular walls, there is also a large arsenal of drugs that are already in use and that have proven themselves. There is 
no silver bullet for everyone. However, there is a very good arsenal of active ingredients that can and should be used on the basis of the patient's 
individual risk profile. This relieves our health system, on which the shutdown of our country ultimately depends - keyword lockdown.
The federal government has failed. The government narrative that everyone ends up in intensive care sooner or later is wrong. The goal of the government 
should actually be to start an awareness campaign and explain the possibilities of the treatment methods. Covid-19 is treatable if you are cared for by 
a doctor from the start and use the existing options accordingly. Care belongs in the hands of the doctor, not in the call center.
Instead, the turquoise-green government continues to pursue its inhumane corona policy:
2.5G test regime in the workplace and 2.5G access rules in more and more areas of life (restaurants, hotels, cafes, cinemas, etc.)
Division of society through branding of unvaccinated people
Sticking to vaccination as the only means out of the crisis
Preparing "2G +" is the admission that the vaccination does not protect enough!
 The "Plan B" of the FPÖ leads Austria out of the crisis:
Only “Plan B” guarantees a return to normality in the treatment. As the decision maker, the doctor is at the center.
Only “Plan B” combines freedom and health and does not play these two values ​​off against each other. Compulsion is replaced by freedom.
Only “Plan B” ends the division in society
Only “Plan B” replaces fear and panic with well-founded hope and confidence.
FPÖ Federal Party Chairman Herbert Kickl concluded: "We should start today to implement 'Plan B'."

Your FPÖ team