The Free North Declaration Is an Island of Sanity in a Country Gone Mad

Unlike top-down dictatorship, totalitarianism arises from the masses themselves, who obsessively endorse extreme measures against an identified threat.

Writing about life behind the Iron Curtain, Czech playwright (and later president) Václav Havel wrote that in totalitarian societies, it is necessary to create parallel structures devoted to truth-telling. Speaking the truth, no matter in what small way, casts an illuminating light on the darkness and begins to break through. “[I]ts power does not consist in its physical attributes but in the light it casts on those pillars of the system and on its unstable foundations,” Havel wrote in his essay “The Power of the Powerless.” Once totalitarian ideology is pierced, it disintegrates quickly.


Join us in continuing to speak out, in challenging the narrative, in embracing the freedoms we have been privileged to take for granted for so long, and in welcoming back our friends and neighbours with compassion and common humanity when the COVID bubble finally bursts.