The Great Reset – Truth or Fiction

“… the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger.”  Hitler’s Hermann Goering during Nurnberg Trials, Germany

How to reset the world to your liking:

  1. Get together an activist group – the Davos Clique consists of billionaires like Bill and Melinda Gates, Klaus Schwab, big tech guys, economic leaders, as well as interested parties like Prince Charles, and affiliated politicians like Angela Merkel, Boris Johnson and Joe Biden. Trump had been invited back in 2016 but he didn’t approve and was hunted down from that day onward.

Standing by in the background are the communist Chinese government and dependents like the World Health Organization (a private club financed mainly by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, who also finance the level 4 biosecurity virology center in Wuhan), virologists Christian Drosten in Germany, Neil Ferguson in the UK, and so on.

  1. This activist group, called World Economic Forum, has an agenda which you can read here:

It was sent out to every government in the world at the start of the pandemic (by the way, the WHO changed the name pandemic in 2012 after the swine flu was unsuccessful in accomplishing what has now been done with Covid – a pandemic is now a worldwide illness when before it was a worldwide illness that killed a lot of people).


The agenda proposes:

-population reduction to counter global warming and better availability of resources for those left

-chipping of humans, merging humans with technology

-stripping of private property and businesses – 2030 – I own nothing, I am happy mmhh, who exactly owns everything then?

-electronic currency and universal income

-control over chipped humans by giving out incentives (like vacations, housing) via electronic currency rewards and total control by merging all personal information in one databank

-the chipped human is now a resource like coal or oil


  1. How to achieve the above:
  • Make an enemy – built a virus in your private lab in Wuhan and release
  • Put the fear of the virus into people worldwide (unfortunately the virus wasn’t quite as lethal as hoped for, but it is getting rid of the old and useless)
  • Make sure governments take unprecedented measure way beyond common sense, logic and proportionality – for this you have trained governments and health officials worldwide since 2003
  • Fuel panic by giving horrendous death prognosis (Neil Ferguson in the UK and Christian Drosten in Germany proposed millions of dead people in their countries alone)
  • Fuel panic further by building up the idea of asymptomatic cases and jack up PCR tests to ridiculous amplifications to get as many false positives as possible, building a case with case numbers. Nobody needs to know that people aren’t actually sick with a virus that has never been isolated, tested by a test that cannot detect infection, and that is set to test for the human genome not Covid.
  • Lockdowns help destabilize the economy, people are unemployed, businesses are crumbling, government aid is handed out
  • People start to demand government aid as lockdowns persist.
  • Divide people and conquer by feeding false information from news outlets that belong to big tech and big pharma. Censor any true information off the internet, set up false fact checkers to confuse people further and divide them.
  • Suppress cheap, safe and effective medication for the virus like Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, HCl, Vitamin D and IV vitamin C (only poor countries use these and are indeed saving lives, e.g. Bolivia).
  • Mandate masks so the human face and with it humanity is hidden from people as they learn to live in a faceless world where a winning smiles cannot sway you any longer (psychologically we need that winning smile, the entire face, because most of our communication is not via garbled, muffled words but by body and facial language).
  • Make sure you set people against each other as much as possible. Get them to hunt down the ones who might smell the truth and speak up.  Get people to see the other as nothing but a viral danger to one’s safety, dehumanizing them.  Make them shy away from each other (like jumping into the canned goods in a grocery aisle).
  • More people will crumble and die due to lockdowns –like the old they are not needed as they are mostly the weak, the drug addicted, the mentally ill. Oops, didn’t think about the children who die, but 7 billion is after all 3 times more than there was when Boris Johnson was born.
  • Call out the salvation: We have the ‘vaccine’!  Kill more people with it by adverse reactions, and possible auto immune reactions (which is great – big pharma will make more money by selling drugs and will make people dependent on them).  Make woman abort babies and make them sterile through the ‘vaccine’.   (Thousands of Africans have been sterilized with vaccines done under the current head of the WHO.  The experimental Covid mRNA injection inflames the lining of the uterus and makes carrying out a child impossible).
  • Whoever survives the 2nd injection will now be chipped. We started injecting electronic nanoparticles into people with the Covid tests, now the chip will fulfill the rest.  This is irreversible, stays a lifetime, can’t be taken out.
  • Almost there!  In the meantime 5G has been rolled out in every city and every street corner, on lamp posts and traffic lights, in schools, offices, etc.  The chipped people can be tracked easily.  Excellent.
  • Economy is going downhill still, people are starving. Governments have to set out a universal income (like social income).  It will be done in electronic currency.  The chipped people can be rewarded or punished depending on what they are doing (we catch everything).  Therefore they can starve and die or do our bidding.
  • All personal information goes into an electronic databank – Germany has already put that new law on the table, Switzerland is supposed to follow shortly.

And we are now in 2030.  I own nothing …. I am happy.  I shop on Amazon and not down the street.  Bill Gates, biggest land owner of the US, is feeding me, as long as I do as I am told.  Media is easy to understand as there is only one outlet.  My life might be controlled but I am as happy as the Chinese and the Russians.  It’s what I wanted all along.

Ludicrous?   Nobody is that demented and evil!?!

Really?  Who started WWI and II?  Who deforested the Vietnamese jungle so they could find and kill their enemies?  Who overtook Iran?  Who killed over 100 million people in Russia?  Who is currently sterilizing and killing Muslims in China? And why was Bill Gates and his vaccine crew kicked out of India?  What exactly happened in Yugoslavia and why did they shoot the Romanian leader Ceausescu?

Almost all of the above were done and started and fulfilled by the government on government orders.  The German people didn’t ask to start either world war.  There was no referendum:  ‘Would you like to invade Poland on September 1st?’  It was not the American people who voted for throwing Napalm onto forests in Asia when they could hardly put that place onto a map.  And it was not Japanese mothers of soldiers who said:  “Boys, time to risk your lives by throwing bombs onto Pearl Harbour.”  And they shot Ceausescu because they hated him, because he had committed so many inhuman atrocities that they shot his wife with him.

It’s governments, it’s elected and non-elected leaders who come up with these ideas, never the people of a country.  It was the Germans who elected Hitler as their chancellor but it was Hitler and his Nazis who declared a State of Emergency, which in turn gave them the power to change the laws to their liking and therefore change Germany from a democracy into a totalitarian regime within four weeks.  (Here the recipe in case you would like to be the evil leader of a country:  Set fire to the parliament buildings.  Blame someone people are scared of like the communists.  Declare a State of Emergency saying you need this to rule the country in these terrible times.  Then do as you like.  Works every time.  Yes, Yukon Government!  Works every time!)

‘But people are not that bad!’, you may say.  Anybody with some sense and knowledge of history knows that it is only a very few people who are truly brave and true.  There are only a few that are truly bad.  The rest are in the middle and can be manipulated by others.  Governments of any sort have a bad track record.  Don’t trust them.  And it only ever takes a few very bad apples to spoil the majority of a basket.  Like a few Davos Clique guys with money and power – Power over the media, over the internet, over politicians, over technology.

If you are still under the illusion that people are nice, you are probably a very nice person yourself and have been living a fairly sheltered life.  Please open your mind to the possibility of evil and realize that it’s not all Hollywood and book stuff.  In fact, go and watch or read Harry Potter again.  I am fascinated by the truth of characters Joanne Rowling is able to craft.  They are all out there someplace – Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge –closing his ears and eyes to the coming evil, Voldemort crafting in the background, Dr. McGonagall so brave and true, Malfoy sr. and jr. part of the evil bunch till they get scared of them, the main body of the Hufflepuffs and the few Griffindors.  Even the Daily Prophet exists.  It’s called main stream media or CBC – paid for and heavily leaned on by the Liberal government of Canada. I also know a Dolores Umbridge.  And we are halfway through book 7.  Prepare to fight.


Plandemic – one of the most highly censored movies out there – May I ask:  “If it is so dangerous, then to who?”

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