Isn’t it interesting that in the last 2 weeks, truckers in both Canada and USA have done more to bring awareness to, and outright oppose, Junior’s (and Sidney et al as well) insane power grab, than the *entire * conservative party – including Watson lake ‘s own ‘representative’ it must be said – have in the past two plus YEARS.

And that show? Oh, it’s just getting started. One estimate put out by “Kelowna now” puts the potential number of truckers at 150,000+ that are heading to Ottawa. The vids im seeing pop up on Telegram, from across this nation, of literally miles of semi trucks, bumper to bumper, all heading to the heart of the major problem this nation has definitely lends credence to the potential numbers.

Furthermore, at least one gofundme that I know of thats been set up to assist these truckers getting the point across? As of this writing, its already past 2.75 *Million * $Cdn.

The simple fact is, Canada as a whole, the people that keep this nation running and living as a whole, WE have had quite enough of this nonsense. It is long past time for this nations political talking heads to remember – they are in those positions to serve the PEOPLE, and not thier delusional political mandates.

Further, make no mistake here – what we have seen these past two years is a live, play by play move of q group of individuals, with less than 1 in 4 Canadian citizens actually supporting them, go completely out of thier way to ignore logic, ration, reason and indeed common sense, all to pander to a fear over something that *never* warranted such actions. It’s been 2 years, and the body count simply never materialized.

More to the point, the bulk of 1st world nations have long since backpedaled on the nonsense – and the ones that haven’t, well, suffice to say our mainstream media is going miles out of its way to not show the literal *millions* of people on the streets taking back whats been taken from them. London, Paris, Stockholm, Berlin, many major cities across the world are seeing people hit the streets in numbers never seen; not even in the darkest times of the previous world wars.

We are in for very interesting times ahead – particularly if our governments chooses stupidity over yielding to the wishes of the public that pays thier wages.