The vaccine test results by the La Quinta Columna


The vaccinated are lab rats being used to test Nano transhumanism experiments and depopulation

La Quinta Columna had already found the graphene oxide in the four main shots and have taken their research further into that field.  The results are mind boggling and scary.  They explain the 3 months boosters that will have to happen from now on indefinitely (or till the person is dead).  They also explain the higher toxicity of some vaxx lots, the differentiation in the 2000 different lots – experiments within the experiment.  Trying to find out how much toxic graphene oxide the human body can withstand, getting the optimum dosage, the max amount without killing the subject (person), keeping them alive while getting maximum nanotechnology control over their minds and feelings.

10 minutes of science and try to pass this on to the injected – at the very least for peace of mind…