“Have you gotten the vaccine?” My boss says I have to take the vaccine.” “The vaccine is safe, right?” “What if I don’t take it?”

The world is awash with questions about the Covid 19 vaccine. Truthful answers are hard to come by. One reliable source for answers is renowned cardiac physician, scholar, and professor of medicine Dr. Peter McCullough, MD.

He says he can no longer recommend the Covid vaccines in conscience to pregnant women of any age. The evidence of injuries and deaths, he says, is overwhelming, and deliberately understated by the media. He sat down for an uncensored conversation that will be of particular interest to parents.

In This Interview You Will Learn

  • Why this top teaching doctor changed his mind about the Covid-19 vaccines, whether Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, or Astra-Zeneca
  • How all roads have always led to the vaccine
  • Why the Japanese biodiversity study is a game-changer for vaccine danger awareness
  • Why the collective tide is turning against Tony Fauci
  • The horrible safety record of the Covid vaccines compared to the 1976 Swine Flu vaccine rollout
  • Why now is critical that more and more doctors and attorneys join forces
  • How the 2020-2021 response to Covid was fear-based, over-reactive, and tending toward totalitarian

Resources Mentioned

  • Chart of Japan biodiversity study results showing the effects of the spike protein on the ovaries.
  • McCullough’s appearance on Tucker Carlson
  • Truth Over Fear summit page, featuring Dr. McCullough’s outstanding talk and Q&A session