Investigation – UK Gov. / SAGE document admits the Covid-19 Vaccines will lead to a variant that kills 35% of people because the jabs do not prevent infection or transmission

To summarise, SAGE have admitted that –

  • There is a potential for a new variant that could kill 35% of people it allegedly infects
  • The new variant could appear because the current Covid-19 vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission in most people.
  • Regular booster jabs will be required with the current vaccines to make the pharmaceutical companies richer.
  • Mass vaccination could lead to the introduction of a new variant whilst the virus is still in high circulation in the general population.
  • There will always be variants and control measures must be enforced to reduce the number of them, therefore more lockdowns and less freedom are inevitable.
  • They’re unable to use the Covid-19 virus to predict and express variants in the spike protein of Covid-19, however they are perfectly capable of using a different virus to predict and express them. But the Covid-19 virus “definitely” exists.

It’s all there in black and white, SAGE have just substantiated everything we have been telling you for the past year.