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Unfriendly Businesses

Last updated April 20, 2022. Please allow a few days for updates to take place.

This page will serve as a legacy to remind Yukoners of those who didn’t respect basic human rights and treated people like scum.

Please do not reward these businesses with your hard earned $ – they do not deserve it just like the unmasked and unjabbed didn’t deserve the opportunity to be served by them.

Perhaps unknown to many, there are countless legitimate reasons why someone cannot or will not mask or get jabbed and were codified in various laws throughout Canada – Territorially, Provincially and Federally.

Furthermore, these reasons are protected by territorial and federal legislation and are also considered prohibited forms of discrimination.

Whether the reasons were personal beliefs, religious beliefs, health considerations or moral considerations, they are legally valid and should never have been violated by the cult of covid – those who took it upon themselves to harass people for not complying with the orders they gave with no authority whether it was trying to impose devices restricting breathing (face diapers AKA masks) or only serving people who had proof of being injected with experimental gene therapy.

See below the list of businesses that allegedly discriminated against Yukoners based on the Canadian Constitution, Yukon Human Rights Act, The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and various other legislation and prohibited grounds of discrimination.

Freedom Unfriendly Businesses

Boycott these businesses if you value the Canadian Constitution, Charter of Rights and Freedoms and respect human rights and equality and believe in treating people fairly and want to show just how many people recognize that and disagree with discrimination

If any of these businesses wish to make a public apology by way of letter to the editor of the newspaper, we will post such a letter – everyone deserves a second chance – we’ve all been duped by corrupt government and media, however, that still doesn’t excuse you from violating the Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


Whitehorse Businesses allegedly refusing service to unmasked and/or unjabbed customers

I-cycle Sports https://www.icyclesports.com/owner Jonah Clark wished us to ‘fuck off and die’ https://yukonfreedom.com/covid-19-misinformation-leaflet/

Burnt Toast Cafe – owner doesn’t respect rights of those who disagree with mandatory vaccinations, masking and losing their jobs etc.

Riverside Grocery – pro mask and jab tyranny and in favour of violating Canadian Constitutional and Charter Rights. Labeled the peaceful freedom rallies and convoys as racist white supremacist events etc. and other slurs (waiting for clarification of exact terminology) and lies including on their business social media accounts while at the same time they were in favour of the violent BLM protests that left neighborhoods burned and people injured and businesses destroyed.  Harassed customers about masks even if they were exempt.

Home Hardware – several staff would consistently harass customers who had mask exemptions and would call CEMA and share video footage to then identify, find and fine customers

Shoppers Drug Mart Qwanlin Mall  – 2-303 Ogilvie St, Whitehorse – several staff would consistently harass customers who had mask exemptions and would call CEMA and share info with CEMA so that they could go identify, find and fine the customer

Air North Cargo – several staff would consistently harass customers who had mask exemptions, refuse service and would call CEMA and swear at customers and kick them out

Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre – KDCC – staff would refuse entry to unmasked patrons and also later started refusing entry to anyone without a vaccine passport with no exceptions.

Polarity Brewing – discriminated against unmasked and unjabbed – refused service inside and would only serve unjabbed outside regardless of weather.

UPS Store – enforcing mask mandate extremely aggressively even while the ‘mandates’ are no longer in place.

Bear’s Paw Quilts – refused service to unmasked and unjabbed even though customers wore a mask to offer compromise.

Physio PlusThane Phillips one of the owners of Physio Plus – ridiculed and insulted Yukoners standing up for everyone’s Charter Rights and Freedoms. Posted on Twitter: Thane Phillips November 20, 2021 “-29C is the perfect temperature for the “Freedom Rally” at Shipyards Park today. If only it was windy too…#everyonegetsanopinion #imnotwithstupid” link to original tweet

Head to Toe Spa – refused access and service to unmasked and unjabbed visitors

Gather Cafe (located at Lumel Studios) – refused access and service to unmasked and unjabbed visitors

Sportees Activewear – refused access and service to unmasked and unjabbed visitors

Boston Pizza – refused access and service to unmasked and unjabbed visitors

Earls Restaurant – refused access and service to unmasked and unjabbed visitors

Blackbird Bakery – refused access and service to medically exempt unmasked and unjabbed visitors

BearPaw Gifts on Main st. – refused access and service to unmasked visitors

Baked Cafe – refused access and service to unmasked and unjabbed visitors. Still pushing masks and sanitizer use to get served.

Hougen’s Sportslodge – refused service to customers unable to wear masks – called CEMA & RCMP on customers.

Whitehorse Cross Country Ski Club – continued to enforce a vaccine passport requirement in order for club members to enter the chalet and wax room, and to participate in club races.

Employers who allegedly fired staff for being unjabbed

Yukon Government – Placed hundreds of staff on Leave Without Pay for being unjabbed for over 5 months with no evidence of this being beneficial. Some staff have still not been permitted to return due to BS reasons.

City of Whitehorse – Transit refused service to unmasked patrons

City of Whitehorse – CGC – Canada Games Centre – refused service to unmasked and unvaccinated patrons with no exceptions.

Whitehorse Motors – Ford – initially were to cut pay for unjabbed staff by certain date and then would fire them.

KDFN – Kwanlin Dun First Nation – Placed unjabbed staff on Leave without Pay and then fired staff.

Stantec – refused access to unjabbed visitors and staff. Fired unjabbed employees.

Nordic Spa (previously takhini hot pools) – required proof of jab to get employed.

Air North Placed employees on non-requested leave without pay and quietly let them go (dismissal without cause).



Haines Juction

Mt. Logan Lodge – Haines Junction – allegedly fired unjabbed employees.

Kluane Green Sprout Vacation HomesHaines Junction – allegedly fired unjabbed employees.


Other Yukon Businesses

Faro – grocery store has consistently harassed people for not wearing a mask even if they had a medical exemption

Haines Junction:

The Little Green Apple in Haines Junction – refused service due to inability to wear mask.




To submit other businesses please use this form below. if you only submit a business name with no explanation of how you were discriminated against, the business name will not be published unless there are other messages with details confirming that the business was discriminatory. We will not post all details but rather just a general example as per the listings published above ^^^


Please note we may email you for more details or to clarify things before approving the submission of the business that allegedly discriminated.

If you use a fake email, that’s fine but if sufficient info isn’t included, we may not publish the business name.