Vaccine Choice Canada:

 Human experimentation: The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines granted ‘interim approval’ by Health Canada have not been adequately tested for either safety or efficacy. This means that the use of the COVID-19 vaccine is human experimentation.
 The Vaccine May Not Prevent Infection or Transmission: COVID-19 vaccine makers are not
required to demonstrate that their product prevents either infection or transmission of the
 COVID-19 – A Low Lethality Illness: The coronavirus is statistically shown to be far less deadly
than portrayed by mainstream media and health officials.
 Health Canada Oversight Insufficient: The safety testing of the COVID-19 vaccine products is
incomplete and less rigorous than that for other vaccines.
 No Individualized Risk-Benefit Analysis: A proper risk-benefit analysis has not been conducted.
Implementing a ‘one-size-fits-all’ policy fails to recognize that the risk of COVID-19 varies greatly
depending upon several variables including age and pre-existing conditions.
 Informed Consent: Those advocating for mandates and coercive measures that remove the right
to consent are undermining essential individual rights and freedoms. This is a clear violation of
the Canadian Charter and also medical ethics.

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