One Yukoner is letting us know:

Heard from a good friend over the weekend that one of their friends who works for the funeral home here in Whitehorse was saying they are 2-3 times busier the past few months compared to normal


And another Yukoner says:

Friends of ours with an adult son who does field work came back to WH a couple weeks ago for not feeling well so of course he got a covid test. It tested positive (of course). So he and both his parents had to self-isolate. All fully vaccinated. When we talked to them originally, the symptoms sounded more like strep throat or mono. In the meantime, the parents were told they didn’t have to self-isolate because the symptoms didn’t match up. Just found out that it is indeed mono, not covid. But he’s still being told to self-isolate because of the positive result, and being credited for the time since he took the test. It’s all very confusing and arbitrary.